1 room, 2 functions to discover

1 room, 2 functions to discover

In our modern interiors, the concept of room is quite vague. Between completely open spaces and the multiplying activities within the same space, a room has only one function. The proof by 10 with pieces that combine two functions.

A workshop room

Ikea Rare are the people who have enough space to dedicate a piece to their creation workshop. So we no longer hesitate to install it in the bedroom by simply separating the spaces with storage.

An office in the entrance

Ikea If you have a large entrance, why not use this space to create a 2 in 1 room? We are therefore happy to set up an office in the entrance to save space.

An office in the kitchen

Ikea If the idea of ​​placing a desk in the kitchen may seem surprising, it is very practical when you really lack space. Suddenly, we put on a retractable shelf which finds its place in a large piece of furniture that will serve as both a library and storage for dishes.

A desk in the room

Maisons du monde If your bedroom is a good size, you can install a desk in your bedroom. It is a room that corresponds well to the office where you need calm but beware of insomnia if you mix the spaces too much.

An office lounge

Fly If you want a desk that allows you to stay with the rest of the family, you can set it up in the living room. Do not hesitate to install a full shelf to store your files and avoid the mess.

A dining room

Ikea This is perhaps the most classic 2 in 1 room configuration. We gladly install the dining room back to the living room to create a large living room that is friendly and practical while delimiting the activities a little.

Kitchen dining room

Paragraph ## A dining room kitchen Just as classic, the installation of the dining room in the kitchen makes it possible to create a convivial space entirely dedicated to meals and not to isolate the person who cooks from family or guests.

A TV lounge room

Leroy Merlin It is said that one should not watch television in bed to avoid insomnia so prefer to create a TV lounge in a fully-fledged space in the bedroom. Then install a chair near the TV in a corner of the room.

A room for two

AM.PM The room is also shared while keeping the same activities. For children for example, we can bet on a room for two by installing a space for each child.