Bedroom: children's favorite heroes invite themselves into the decor

Bedroom: children's favorite heroes invite themselves into the decor

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Cars, Spiderman, Hello Kitty… our children's favorite heroes invite themselves into the decor, creating a wonderful and colorful universe. Furniture, wallpaper, accessories, here are a thousand and one ideas to decorate the room of our toddlers, signed

Spiderman Room

Baby Gavroche Spiderman soars with his canvas to save the city from New York's enemies! Will Peter Parker have strong enough shoulders? Help him with this trendy Spiderman room.

Hello Kitty children's room

Baby Gavroche Candy pink and pastel pink, colors in perfect harmony with the most famous of kittens, Hello Kitty. A pretty bow, a few mustaches and a chewable head, make room for it, Hello kitty arrives in your daughter's room for a trendy decoration.

Avengers wallpaper

Bébé Gavroche Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and all the others arrive with their superpowers to give your child the adventure decor he dreams of. Hours of imagination for a trendy bedroom!

Disney Princess Room

Baby Disney Newsboy, a dress, a tiara, a castle and a prince (of course) and presto, we have a princess! dresses your daughter's room with a 100% Disney Princess decor, from princess bed to Disney wallpaper, transform your child's room into an enchanted kingdom…

Batman Room

Bébé Gavroche Need adventure? Make your child's bedroom the Batman's lair! Bruce Wayne needs you to keep Gotham City calm. The Batman decoration is there to help you.

Tinkerbell wallpaper

Bébé Gavroche Want to visit The Imaginary Country? You have 2 solutions, either you dream of adventure by dusting yourself with fairy dust, or you make your daughter's room a 100% Tinkerbell universe with all the Disney decoration in her effigy!

Minnie Room

Bébé Gavroche Do you want a 100% girly room? Disney's most beautiful mouse, Minnie Mouse, decorates your daughter's room with a magic wand.


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