10 lovely ideas for the children's room

10 lovely ideas for the children's room

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To decorate the children's room, there are a few simple and decorative tips that make all the difference! We invite you to discover 10 pretty ideas to implement in the bedroom of your little ones and that are sure to please them.

Very decorative mirrors

To give a playful air to the children's room, think of the mirror stickers. Easy to install, it offers an original decor in the blink of an eye. Little girls will love, for example, star-shaped mirror stickers.

Paper lights

Rather than opting for traditional lampshades, bet on paper balls that you can multiply. The real plus is that your children can customize them with paint or stickers.

A garland to decorate the furniture

To customize a piece of furniture, why not twist a small garland of pennants around the bars of the bed for example. It is a good way to personalize the decor of children.

A personalized garland

And so that your child also participates in the creation of his decoration, you can help him to make a garland. You just need to fix polaroids taken in family on a wire to make a garland like family tree.

Retro objects

For an original touch in the children's room, we do not hesitate to mix toys with more retro objects like this old globe that adds a vintage touch to the decor.

A disguise as a decorative object

To decorate the room in an original way, play with your child's accessories. For example, disguises on a hanger can be used as a decorative object to thematize the bedroom.

An XXL sticker

To give a theme to the children's room, you can opt for a very large sticker that will decorate a large part of the wall. You can choose a poetic model and choose a color already present in the room.

An original carpet

We do not forget the decoration of the floors! For the little ones, we place a nice carpet that will allow them to settle on the floor. Choose a funny model that is thick enough to be comfortable.

Customized furniture

To change classic furniture, you don't hesitate to choose furniture that you can customize by painting it or using masking tape. More ideas by clicking here!


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