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5 pieces of furniture to save space

5 pieces of furniture to save space

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Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, it is not uncommon to run out of space as you accumulate furniture and objects. But to optimize space, there are now a multitude of clever solutions. Here are 5 pieces of furniture that will allow you to save space.

Storage in the bed

Ikea ### What if the bed was also used for storage? This is now possible thanks to ingenious drawers that will store household linen under the bed while protecting them from dust. For your books, think of a bookcase headboard with built-in shelves for discreet storage.

Ingenious bathroom furniture

Ikea ### In the bathroom, it can sometimes be tricky to bring in everything you need. Opt for tall and narrow furniture that will take up all the space on the wall, leaving the floor free and think of installing storage above the washing machine.

Extendable tables

Goal ### In your dining room, you don't always need a large dining table! So that your table adapts to your needs, bet on an extendable table with large integrated extensions. So the table takes up little space when you are not using it and can still accommodate your friends when necessary.

Concealed storage

Maisons du Monde ### Think of furniture that has two functions. You can for example choose seats which contain a chest. You can thus benefit from additional storage in a piece of furniture that has another utility. You will find poufs but also benches for more storage.


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