Practical: a kitchen with an XXL worktop

Practical: a kitchen with an XXL worktop

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If you like to cook, the place on the worktop is then an essential criterion in the choice of your kitchen. In fact, the more important it is, the easier you can make your preparations. Discover in pictures, kitchens that give pride of place to the work plan.

An optimized work plan

Darty In this kitchen two work plans face each other. But to optimize the space, elements such as the hob and the sink are brought together on one side in order to leave as much space as possible on the second work surface.

A 2 in 1 work plan

Ikea To gain more work space, this kitchen has adopted an island which allows you to benefit from a space for taking meals but above all a large additional work plan for preparing meals.

A long work plan

Mobalpa To increase the surface of the worktop, it is installed along the entire length of the kitchen and becomes an XXL counter for preparing meals. It structures the room while making it very practical.

A larger work plan

Aviva To enlarge the surface of this worktop, a meal section has been added to the kitchen which can also be used as a large worktop for preparing meals and even for arranging dishes while waiting for service.

A work plan that surrounds the room

Aviva In this beautiful size kitchen, it is the worktops that structure the space by settling all around the kitchen. And for balance, an island also finds its place in the center and still offers space for preparation.

A released work plan

Aviva To optimize the place of the work plan, do not hesitate to move the ovens and refrigerators by offering them an independent module which leaves the work plan as free as possible.

A double work plan

Aviva This kitchen works with a game of symmetry. The worktop of the wall responds to a parallel counter which allows to double the surface for the preparation of meals while offering a well structured kitchen.

A clever work plan

Paragraph To increase the surface of the work surface, this kitchen integrates two levels in order to be able to place dishes without hampering the rest of the preparation. And all this conceals the preparation of the looks of the dining room.

U-shaped work plan

Lapeyre Finally, to gain a work plan, think of the U-shaped layout of the kitchen. It allows you to benefit from an additional worktop length while facilitating movement in the kitchen.

Space saving

Ixina In this small kitchen, the worktops are optimized to save a little space. Under the window, a large work plan has been placed. It allows you to both prepare and eat meals.

Retro and practical

Lapeyre In this retro and practical kitchen, the worktops are enlarged to provide space for aspiring cooks. We love the combination of wood and gray on the kitchen elements as on the dining area.

A space, spaces

Aviva In this family kitchen, where wood is honored, several large worktops are installed. The kitchen is more practical and easy to live!

Cooking and eating

Alinéa Conviviality is the order of the day in this attractive kitchen available at Alinéa. The worktop lengthens and plays the dining areas. We love mismatched chairs that bring a touch of originality!

In red and black

Lapeyre Here, the work plan occupies almost the entire kitchen. The colors are well chosen, we find the bistro spirit and the originality is present thanks to a play of height. In short, a success!


Lapeyre In this resolutely urban style kitchen, the worktops extend endlessly. The whole is modern, friendly and easy to live with.

Wood is essential

Aviva In this kitchen, the wood is magnified by the black kitchen elements. The central worktop lengthens and enlarges the kitchen while giving it a very practical side.

The tradition

Purpose Here is traditional cuisine with an XXL worktop. We love the space, the storage space and the authenticity of this kitchen available at But.

In quantity

Purpose In this red and ultra-modern kitchen, the worktops are growing and multiplying. Both novices and gourmets can cook freely.

Open kitchen

Purpose Here, the L-shaped worktop appeals to us because it is as spacious as it is practical. It is completed with a dining area in the same spirit and brightly colored chairs. We love !