Students: the essentials when you settle in the kitchen

Students: the essentials when you settle in the kitchen

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That's it, in a few months your student will leave the family home to settle in his new accommodation. Between studies and summer jobs, fitting out your interior and your kitchen can quickly prove to be an obstacle course for our young student. Also, decided to simplify his life by offering him a selection of 10 decorative objects essential to facilitate its installation

A foldable table

Delamaison Your youngster lacks space in his small kitchen, offer him the Snow table. Folded, it serves as a console for storing cutlery and condiments. Unfolded at lunchtime, it turns into a kitchen table for two people. When the meal is finished, its foldable stools are stored between the space of the wall and the table for an undeniable gain of table.

An ultra-practical service

Delamaison Very practical in terms of storage to place in the kitchen, the Scott trolley will seduce your young student looking for designer and practical furniture for its reduced space. Microwave, dishes and condiments will naturally find their place thanks to this clever piece of furniture.

A very resistant cutting board

RdesB Cooking enthusiast, your student likes, during his free time, to concoct small dishes. Make him happy by offering him this sublime set of wooden cutting boards. Very resistant, they will quickly become an essential ally, allowing him to make recipes worthy of the greatest!

A pack for all occasions

Bestron For a full breakfast, your youngster will select this pack consisting of a coffee maker, a toaster and a red kettle. Coffee, toast and tea will be required to allow him to start the day on the right foot.

Elegant and sober plates

Guy Degrenne Indispensable for any self-respecting kitchen, your youngster will choose beautiful white tableware with a simple and refined design for their interior. Its very sober look will allow it to adapt to all its decorative desires.

A pan with neat design

Indispensable object of the kitchen, your student will be charmed by this sublime very design pan made of a red ergonomic handle in Soft Touch silicone ensuring an easy and pleasant grip.

A microwave

LG Because our students very rarely take the time to cook, we offer them a microwave oven. Ideal tool for cooking quickly, it is the essential and practical ally of small spaces.

A built-in trash can

Hailo Your student wants to optimize the space in his kitchen. Forget the traditional trash can installed in a corner of the room, he will opt for a small compact, built-in trash can. Its more? Its capacity can contain up to 15 liters and its innovative lid opening system.

A dish drainer

Interdesign No need for a towel, thanks to the ultra-resistant Interdesign drainer, your young student will make their daily life easier by drying their dishes in the simplest way possible.


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