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The 10 black and white inspirations of Laurent

The 10 black and white inspirations of Laurent

A couple that we have already seen and seen everywhere and which nevertheless never ceases to surprise us. Simple, elegant, contemporary, minimalist ... black and white, in addition to being chic, adapts to all interior styles. To learn a little more about this shocking and true classic duo, follow the guide!

One room: the living room

Anthony Darin Black and white in the living room, a rather simple exercise in style. With a good base, like a solid wood parquet, we quickly accessorize this duo of non-colors. However, be careful not to fall into too monotonous tones, you have to vary the shades, the materials…

An accessory: the carpet

Delamaison We change it in a sleight of hand, and yet it gives the room all its charm. Patterned or plain, psychedelic or sober, each one has its own carpet, as long as it is black and white.

A designer: Ray and Charles Eames

Eames For a duo of colors, you needed not one but two designers. A legendary couple in the world of design, Ray and Charles Eames were married in 1941 in the United States. During the 20th century, they reigned over creation and developed design towards mass production. It is together that they designed their most beautiful works.

An editor: Vitra

Vitra Vitra is precisely the editor of the Eames couple, including this armchair and its footrest. Since 1950, the Swiss company has produced the biggest names in design. Always with great taste and style!

A city: New York

DR We come here for the holidays or for life, the greatest artists, designers and decorators have lived or worked there. The city is full of trendy hotels, trendy boutiques and original places to bring home lots of new decor ideas… black and white of course!

An atmosphere: the simplicity of the room

Peninsula New-York New-York, here we are! The Peninsula hotel, not far from 5th avenue, offers a succession of tastefully decorated rooms, in black and white. That is to say our two favorite colors to impress us.

A piece of furniture: the bathtub

Morgans Hotel Still in New York City, it seems that the city does not want to leave us anymore ... or is it the reverse? Anyway, Andrée Putman is responsible for the decoration of the Morgans Hotel. In 1984, the French created the "buzz" with this bathroom entirely tiled in black and white checkerboard.

An artist: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered one of the greatest black and white photographers. His works are true wonders to install without restraint in his interior. One gets one of his reproductions as soon as possible.

An exterior: a dynamic terrace

DR Even without a garden, you can create a dream atmosphere to spend a few hours in the sun. A carpet, a sofa and a few cushions in black and white and voila. The greenery provides the necessary shade and freshness, in order to have optimal comfort.