Artist's house: the BHV's fall-winter 2011-2012 collection

Artist's house: the BHV's fall-winter 2011-2012 collection

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The BHV's fall-winter 2011-2012 collection invites us to enter an artist's house where fantasy and richness of materials mix! On the program: colorful objects, some poetic, other design but all very trendy!

A fifties atmosphere

BHV ### The colors are dense, the matte and shiny finishes and the diverse materials: welcome to the fifties style which takes us back for a vintage decor. We opt for a deconstructed side table and an armchair that combines metal and leather.

An accumulation of objects

BHV ### In an artist's house, creativity is there! With daring, we mix styles and accumulate different objects: colorful and whimsical cushions on the sofa, scraps of fabric on the walls and multicolored robots in the kitchen.

Color throughout the house

BHV ### And from the start of the school year, color invites itself into the house! We opt for solid colors in flashy colors or for stripes full of dynamism. Don't be afraid to mix different colors to get a color block effect and get a little bit of summer style.

A touch of sobriety

BHV ### Finally, for those who prefer a little more classic decoration, we choose natural, simple and warm colors that we use in tableware and decorative items. The accessories are delicate to better understand the winter that awaits us.