Gardens, Garden: create a decorative water point in the garden

Gardens, Garden: create a decorative water point in the garden

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Refreshing, zen and decorative, the water points in the garden are real assets to create a most natural atmosphere. Basins, wall fountains and other bamboo structures bring calm and serenity to your garden in the blink of an eye. Here are some ideas seen at the Jardins, Jardin 2014 show to inspire you.

With bamboo

To continue on the Zen gardens, let's put in this very beautiful idea of ​​fountain designed with bamboos. Cut in half, they become small taps which flow into each other to create an atmosphere of well-being. Decoration and relaxation await you.

In a metal pergola

This metal pergola has thought of water to give itself a Zen and relaxing air. Small streams of water flow next to each other to create a most fabulous decor.

A wall fountain

Design, Zen, natural, we literally melt in front of this wall fountain which emerges from a layer of ivy and moss. Made of natural stone, and structured with a few wavelets, it gives us a feeling of well-being as soon as we are near it.

A waterfall in the table

At the time of outdoor dinners with family or friends, this raw concrete table is not likely to leave anyone indifferent. In its center, the water flows gently before falling in cascade on the edges. With its closed loop system, the water is never wasted. Absolute relaxation!

An overflow column

No question either of spoiling the water with this transparent plastic overflow column. Once the water has reached the top of the tube, it flows outside along the wall in a joyful cascade noise. A relaxing sound as we appreciate it when you have a good time in your garden.