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Gardens, Garden: recreate a pop and nature balcony

Gardens, Garden: recreate a pop and nature balcony

This season, your balcony plays with the pop atmosphere of the 70s and the nature and Zen style. For this, some ingredients such as bright colors, rounded shapes and raw wood are available. Spotlight on the ideas to remember to create a natural balcony in your home under the sign of the seventies, 7 inspirations that we found at the Salon Jardins, Jardin 2014.

Bright orange

To give your balcony a pop atmosphere, it is important to bet on bright colors, like the orange typical of the 70s. Here, the wall and the large flower pots are adorned with this citrus color to give a good dose of pep .

Round mirrors

Round shapes, also very popular in the 70s, must be present on your balcony. So install round mirrors of different sizes to energize your orange wall.

Ball lights

To accentuate the round shapes, also opt for ball-shaped lights. So that they ventilate the space and do not overload the decor, choose them in neutral tones like white.

Psychedelic forms

No question of opting for boilerplates on a pop balcony! So we put on large planters, certainly white, but with psychedelic shapes so 70's!

A wooden lounge chair

It's time to bring a touch of nature to this pop style. For this, we choose a raw wood covering, as well as a lounge chair also in unvarnished wood.

Green plants

Green plants and small shrubs are also welcome. We do not hesitate to install them in number on both sides of the balcony to create a very pleasant little jungle.

Colorful logs

Finally mix the two atmospheres on a single decoration idea. These wooden logs have been repainted in bright blue and white and placed next to each other to create the decor.