A cooking piano for each style

A cooking piano for each style

The cooking piano makes cooks dream with its impeccable performance. Ideal for all types of cooking, it will be your ally to prepare several dishes at the same time thanks to its large capacity. On the design side, it adapts to all styles, from the most design to the most traditional. Demonstration in pictures.

A cooking piano for a traditional style

Falcon ### In a traditional interior, the cooking piano can take on a more retro look. Opt for a white color or stainless steel so that your piano fits best in the kitchen.

A cooking piano for a country chic style

Falcon ### In a chic country interior, you can easily create a gap between the furniture and the piano in order to highlight it. So if your furniture is white, do not hesitate to choose a black stove style piano.

A cooking piano for a pop interior

Falcon ### Pop interiors are also entitled to their cooking piano! For this, opt for a traditional model which takes on an original color like this electric blue. Know that there are even with the flag of England as a facade.

A cooking piano for a family home style interior

Arthur Bonnet ### In a family home, choose a simple and practical piano for everyone. Bet on a chrome color that will easily adapt to the rest of the kitchen, regardless of the color of the walls and furniture.