Choosing a towel dryer for your bathroom, instructions for use

Choosing a towel dryer for your bathroom, instructions for use

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Combine radiator and towel rack in the bathroom? The towel warmers are there to serve us. It remains to determine the model that suits us best, in terms of installation and operating system, aesthetic and practical typology, energy consumption and cost! Let's do a check in.

An electric towel dryer

Batinéa 1st option: an electric towel dryer. Its particularity: to operate in total autonomy from the general heating network of the house or apartment. Equipped with a programmable room thermostat and a safety thermal limiter, it requires a precise location within the bathroom, the safety distance between the water zones (sink, shower and bath) requires!

A water towel dryer

Castorama The water towel dryers are directly connected to the central heating of the house and therefore work, like traditional heaters. Same note as for the electric towel dryer, its installation should only be done in safety zones 2 and 3 of the room. It is generally necessary to provide a power of 100 W per square meter to obtain optimal heating!

A mixed towel dryer

Castorama Halfway between the electric towel dryer and the water towel dryer, the mixed towel dryer, more expensive than its predecessors, is both connected to central heating and has an "electric heating" option. So, when central heating is not activated, you can heat the bathroom independently. However, be careful not to switch on both (electrical system and water system) simultaneously, as this may cause a short circuit!

2. I choose the style of towel dryer that suits me

Acova Step number two in choosing a towel dryer: choosing the style that best suits our needs and our bathroom. Will it be wall mounted, swivel or designer?

A wall-mounted towel warmer

Leroy Merlin The most common solution in terms of towel warmers is wall-mounted. That is to say that the support, equipped with bar where to hang the linen, is suspended on the wall, and that it is fixed. No mobility on the program! As for the operating systems, it tolerates the 3 existing on the market, electric, water or mixed, as desired!

A swivel towel dryer

Acova Unlike the wall-mounted towel radiator, the swivel towel radiator is mobile. In other words, he can open his arms (asymmetrically or 180 °) to cover and heat a larger part of the room and optimize the surface where to lay the towels. Note that it can only be adopted by combining it with an electrical, radiating or mixed system.

A designer towel dryer

Pradel As its name suggests, the designer towel dryer (compatible with the 3 electric, water or mixed systems) is above all aesthetic. Offering an extra wide choice of shapes, styles and colors, it sublimates the bathroom! Only downside: its expensive cost and its limited performance in terms of heating.

3. I resonate in terms of energy consumption

Batinéa If you are green at heart, the option "electric towel warmer", the least economical of all, should be a hindrance to the purchase. Result, it is the water towel warmer that wins all the votes from a consumption and energy saving point of view. Normal, they are included in the general heating system, thus generating little or no additional costs.

4. I decide according to the budget

Pradel What if we were talking about budget? This could allow you to decide once and for all! First, the most economical models to buy: in terms of style, they are swivel towel dryers (from 150 €) and in terms of system, they are electric towel dryers (great paradox because the costs generated by energy consumption turn out to be the most expensive thereafter). Then: the most expensive models. To know: the mixed towel dryers in terms of operating system (from 300 € against 200 € for water models), and the designer towel dryers in terms of style (from 1000 € against 200 € for wall models)…


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