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A vintage style decor in the bedroom

A vintage style decor in the bedroom

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The bedroom goes vintage! The bed linen is adorned with fine retro embroidery, the walls display beautiful period reproductions, compass feet, tripod tables, rattan furniture and other opaline light fixtures… Here are some ideas to give your bedroom and your nights a beautiful vintage spirit.

Vintage sixties travel room

Géraldine Dardenne Chez Zita, a beautiful guest house in Brussels, the room calls for a vintage journey: vintage globes overhang the period fireplace while the walls display drawings of planes found in an old book. Very Pan Am sixties!

Powdered vintage room

Le Lapin Blanc At the Le Lapin Blanc hotel, you spend sweet nights in this very fifties-decorated suite: rounded lines, old telephone, opaline lights and pastel shades.

Retro room and old fireplace

Julien Fernandez Marble fireplace and beautiful old-fashioned parquet floors in this room. Vintage atmosphere enhanced by a pendant lamp, a metal bed warmed by mustard yellow bed linen, curtains with retro patterns, a beautiful vintage mirror and old frames on the wall ...

50's style bedroom and lounge area

Julien Fernandez Art Deco dressing table, rattan furniture, brought back travel rugs… In the master suite of this completely renovated Bordeaux house, the FusionD agency knew how to mix genres all in a very vintage 50's spirit!

Art Deco room at the Bachaumont hotel

Hôtel Bachaumont If the Bachaumont hotel was born in the splendor of the 1920s, its very young renovation by the decorator Dorothée Meilichzon knew how to keep the Art Deco spirit of the place.

Vintage bedroom by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball A Farrow & Ball shade - the Cromarty color n ° 285 - very soft to enhance the metal bed, the school desk used as a bedside table and the vintage coat hook on the back of the door beautiful room with vintage looks.

Colorful bedspread and vintage mirror

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau In this apartment renovated by the architect Camille Hermand, the sober bedroom is revived by a beautiful old flowery bedspread, light fixtures and a large vintage mirror.

Blue room and vintage collection

Charlotte Cittadini In this beautiful family home renovated by the interior designer Charlotte Cittadini, we love the beautiful blue of the wall which highlights the collection of vintage objects.


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