A natural style splashback

A natural style splashback

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Nature settles in the kitchen thanks to the splashback! Did you know that this decorative accessory could transform your kitchen? Here are some inspirations to bring nature into the kitchen using the splashback.

Green and stainless steel

Schmidt ### To easily give a natural style, paint your wall green and add an aluminum splashback that will not cover the entire surface. Your wall will be protected and the color will be very decorative.

A wood effect

Lapeyre ### For a natural effect, we put on natural materials precisely! But as real wood would be too fragile, we opt for very shiny imitations that give a very chic style.

Wooden logs

Funnydoors ### For an original and natural splashback, we use the "log of wood" model from Funnydoors. You will have the impression of having a reserve of wood in your kitchen. A truly unusual credenza!

Romantic flowers

Ikea ### And for a nature side a bucolic streak, we choose small stylized flowers! Ikea indeed offers very romantic panels. And when you are fed up, you can return them for a plain decoration.