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From floor to ceiling, my dining room like new

From floor to ceiling, my dining room like new

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After giving your kitchen and living room a facelift, it's time to tackle the dining room. If you often abandon your decor in favor of other living rooms, you will still appreciate making it a unique place with a few simple and inexpensive ideas. To help you do this, here are 10 tips that are sure to inspire you.

Install new parquet

Leroy Merlin Be aware that laying a new floor can quickly give your dining room a whole new look. We opt for a white oak parquet that lightens the atmosphere and gives the room a resolutely Nordic air.

Treat yourself to trendy chairs

Dulux Valentine The light and white wood trend is in the spotlight in this dining room with these chairs full of charm. Sober, uncluttered, they go perfectly with soft and trendy decor.

Create a wall decor with paint

Dulux Valentine You don't know what to do to give your wall a facelift? Let your imagination run wild and create a unique decor with a few large stripes of paint. We advise you to make them vertically to give an impression of grandeur to the room, as for the colors, it's up to you!

Think about decorative items on the table

La Redoute Once the family Sunday meal is over, do not turn your table into a desert or a storage room. Place some decorative objects such as vases, baskets or beautiful crockery in the center to sublimate it with ease.

Daring green plants

La Redoute If we easily install green plants in the living room, kitchen or entry, it is less natural for us to dare in the dining room. However, they bring a good dose of freshness to the decor!

Use practical furniture

La Redoute Whether your dining room is large or small, consider choosing practical furniture such as this Scandinavian-style dining table with two extensions ideal for a large meal with friends.

Warm up the atmosphere with a carpet

Maisons du Monde Don't be afraid to install a large carpet under the dining table. It warms up the atmosphere of the room in the blink of an eye, don't you think?

Fix a mirror horizontally

3 Swiss Above the sideboard or along the length of the table, you can also install a long mirror placed horizontally. In addition to creating an additional point of brightness, it gives your wall the impression of being larger, and that cannot be refused!

Hang two lampshades above the table

La Redoute As you have probably noticed, the trend is for more suspensions above the dining table. We are no exception to the rule and we launch out with two very natural rattan lampshades.