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Small tables for small gardens

Small tables for small gardens

When there is not much room in the garden, it is necessary to think carefully about the furniture that we will install in order to optimize the space to make the most of it. So that you can take your meals outside, even in a very small garden, or a small balcony, we have selected for you 10 tables that do not take up space.

A practical table

Maisons du monde To change small round tables, this wooden table offers a very practical rectangle because it can be used as a side table against a wall and acts as a small outdoor office as a table for dining face to face. And everything folds up!

A practical side table

Ikea If you really lack space, then you will opt for a very small table like side table which will serve you to have some refreshments or a tray of appetizers.

A table and chairs

Alinéa This round table can accommodate four people thanks to an interesting diameter. And to save space, the chairs play it slim so as not to take up too much space around the table.

A small coffee table

Alinéa And to save space, you can combine the garden furniture and the dining area. We then opt for two armchair-style chairs that are accessorized with a small coffee table that will also be used for meals.

A square table for two

Leroy Merlin To save space on the terrace, you can opt for a table which will allow you to seat only two people but which will be very pleasant. We also put on a folding model that will allow you to free up space.

Bistro tables

Maisons du monde Rather than choosing a very large table, it is sometimes better to bet on two small models like round bistro tables that take up little space. In addition, you can fold and unfold the number you want according to your needs.

A real bistro table

Truffaut On the terraces of the bistros, the tables are optimized to save space. On this balcony, it's the same with a foot that takes up little space and a small table diameter.

A marble table

Castorama On the terraces of the bistros, you will also find very pretty marble tables which are generally small enough to sit on a balcony. Metal chairs are then added which also take up little space.

A metal table

Castorama Also think of metal tables because the round models are generally small enough to settle in small spaces while offering you a very accomplished decorative look that will appeal to romantics in particular.