Light wood in the bathroom

Light wood in the bathroom

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The light wood has not finished surprising you. This season, light wood species make a remarkable entry into our interiors and take over our bathrooms to bring us freshness and a change of scenery. With its Nordic air, its warm, natural and soothing tones, light wood offers us real moments of well-being and serenity.

Wood per touch

Mobalpa To give style to your bathroom, no need to bet on the total wood look! On the contrary, it is the little touches that will make the difference. Here, the originality resides in the furniture which dresses only in wood on the exterior surfaces for a style between tradition and modernity.

Light wood by accessories

Ikea Want to change the decor in a jiffy? Bet on accessories and small furniture by opting for light wood. You will change the mood of your bathroom just with shelves and a towel rack.

Reasons to enhance the wood

Ikea Know that wood will adapt perfectly to your fantasies! For example, a tile with a strong pattern will not fail to highlight the furniture chosen in a clear essence.

Wood for a warm atmosphere

Delpha If your bathroom is open to your bedroom, wood will be your ally to give a warmer style to this space and therefore better blend it into the rest of the decor of your room.

Wood to create an atmosphere

Lineart Know that wood will also allow you to create a real atmosphere in your bathroom. You will find for example wooden furniture which will give an exotic note to your bathroom.

Design & wood

SaniJura Who said that wood is necessarily rustic? Certainly not who strongly recommends ultra-refined furniture in a light wood essence to create a designer decor with warm accents.

The right color combinations

Castorama In this bathroom, wood is associated with the white of the bathtub and the basins, but also with the gray of the floor and the black of the walls. This is the good news when you choose wood for your bathroom furniture: it is very easy to combine to create different atmospheres from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

Different wood species

Lapeyre The nuances of light wood are almost endless! So, you can also opt for light gray wood that will give your bathroom a slightly seaside atmosphere.

A Zen spirit

Roca In this bathroom, only the structure of the furniture plays the card of wood for a Zen spirit where the ceramic with immaculate white is highlighted by the clear essence. Or when design rhymes with serenity.

A bathroom inspired by the far north

Gomez Carrelage Softness of blond wood, natural shades, minimalist and refined lines inspired by the 70s, the Scandinavian style is more than ever in trend. It takes over our bathroom to make it a warm and charming space. Do not hesitate to put blond wood parquet.

A personalized bathroom

Axor You dream of a bathroom that meets each of your desires. Straight out of the fertile minds of French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this elegant ultra-modern bathroom designed for the Axor Hansgrohe brand offers the possibility of creating a personalized space that suits you. The light wood combined with pure white is an invitation to well-being, for incomparable moments of relaxation.

Very natural parquet

Lapeyre To bring character to our bathroom, we select a beautiful oak parquet in a light bleached oak tone, slightly grayed out which will bring a natural, authentic and soothing touch to our space.

Family house spirit in my bathroom

Delpha Find all the charm and authenticity of family homes in the countryside with this sublime bathroom designed by the Delpha brand. Stone, wood, linen, light colors, the atmosphere elegantly cultivates this style.

Countryside inspiration in my bathroom

Maisons du Monde Complete the decoration of your bathroom with this sublime authentic-style mirror from Maisons du Monde, ideal for giving a country and natural touch to your space. A real breath of fresh air!

A contemporary bathroom

Lapeyre In this space with a very minimalist decoration, the light wood trend is sublimated by elements of white and beige color which come to enhance the pure and soothing atmosphere of the whole space.

Flexible and modular furniture

Sanijura Looking for practical and functional furniture for your small bathroom? Look no further and opt for the solid oak furniture collection signed Sanijura. Natural color, dove-gray or bleached, the furniture can be combined with each other to achieve the desired layout according to your space.

A driftwood bathtub

Aquamass We love this free-standing bathtub, which is distinguished by its original finish in water-repellent driftwood that adorns the apron like pixels. Born of the collaboration of the Belgian brand Aquamass with the company Bleu Nature, specialist in driftwood picked up by hand, the Stone One Pixels bathtub will transform your bathroom into a real cocoon where comfort reigns.

Designer atmosphere in my bathroom

Pyram Simple and timeless shapes, light wood tones… it takes no more to be seduced by this solid oak bathroom, trendy and very warm. The rounded lines of the bathtub and the countertop in synthetic resin with integrated basin give a lot of softness to the whole. We crack!

A round bathtub for my minimalist bathroom

Unique Wood Design Accentuate the feeling of comfort and well-being in your bathroom by opting for a light wooden bathtub. All round and very refined, the bathtub signed Unique Wood Design is part of the trend of minimalist decoration and will transform your space into a real haven of peace.


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