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10 inspirations for an industrial style table decor

10 inspirations for an industrial style table decor

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Today, we find the industrial style declined in all the rooms of the house, so why not adapt the trend to tableware? Between stainless steel, subtle marriage of metal and wood and vintage spirit, let yourself be inspired by our 10 industrial atmospheres. From now on, setting a table in the purest industrial style will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Small verrines

Weck Who says industrial style table decoration, also says cute little verrines to make your guests salivate. In addition to their ultra-decorative look, they give a glimpse of the composition of the dishes, we already have mouth water, don't you?

Vintage jars

Delamaison And to complete the decoration of our industrial table, we opt for pretty vintage-style jars. In addition to being ultra decorative, they are very practical since they allow a long conservation of our food and everyday products. In short, they have everything good!

A minimalist aperitif

Maisons du Monde At aperitif time, we play the minimalism card with: a metal tray, a matching ice cube bowl, and two cocktail glasses. Come on it's my tour!

A pretty candle

AM PM And to enhance our industrial style table decor, we add a touch of light. To do so, adopt this pretty tealight holder that combines glass and metal perfectly.

Timeless thermos

AM PM The industrial style follows us to our getaways and other picnics. And what could be better than pretty thermos in vintage design to go out on the road in style?

Stainless steel power

Alinéa No industrial style table decoration without all stainless steel elements. So we are surfing the trend by betting on cookware, but also cutlery and other containers, all in the brightest stainless steel color.

The Red and the Black

Leroy Merlin And to avoid all stainless steel, we twist our table decor with elements of color. At the head, we opt for red and black, which go very well with this metal color. And we can also adopt light wooden utensils, ideal for in this kind of table decoration.

Bistro atmosphere

Maisons du Monde Recreate a small bistro-style corner in the purest industrial style at home, in two steps, three movements. Start with a bistro-style table, decorate with two retro metal chairs and bet on dishes with authentic charm, like Duralex glasses for example.

A lemonade on the terrace

AM PM Outside too, we put on an industrial table decoration. As on this terrace, where we opted for a metal tray, a glass bottle and rounded glasses. You now have all the keys in hand to create an industrial style table decor, too.