5 colors reserved for small spaces

5 colors reserved for small spaces

Color excels in many areas. In addition to being recognized as a source of well-being with chromotherapy, it can also play with spaces when it is used wisely. The proof right away…

The proof: blue brings depth

Society This almost navy blue brings a breath of fresh air to the room. Taking possession of the walls and objects, it goes perfectly with white for a chic marine spirit.

White space vector

Ikea White erases volumes and erases borders. It unifies and offers a feeling of space.

The proof: white unifies

Ikea The furniture in this studio is adorned with white which unifies the decoration of the room. Only a few touches of color are used here and there to enhance its effect.

Yellow, a ray of sunshine for small spaces

Little Green Yellow wakes up with its warm interior tint that adopts it. Light reflector, it brightens and brings a feeling of well-being to the room.

The proof: yellow light booster

Fly The studio wall painted in lemon yellow is a real dose of vitamin! Lit with bright letters, it boosts the decor of the room.

Green, a very suitable color in small spaces

Little Green Green, like blue, are called "cold tones". Less connoted seaside, it breathes a more natural spirit.

The proof: green is growing

Little Green Choose pale enough not to be too present, the green water of the walls softens the decoration and draws its inspiration from the heart of nature when combined with wooden furniture!

Pastel colors, a must this season

Monoprix Its soft and tender shades charm the decor. Are you hesitating? Adopt them without repainting everything but just by touches thanks to the objects.

The proof, pastel shades as gourmet as decorative

Little Green You've cracked! Pastel has captivated you. And you are right ! Here, the fully pastel kitchen gently resonates its tones for a fresh and invigorating interior.