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A stainless steel kitchen worthy of a great chef!

A stainless steel kitchen worthy of a great chef!

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Stainless steel is an ideal material in the kitchen. If you dream of having a professional kitchen at home, know that you can find equipment and work plans in large DIY stores as well as in custom models made by dedicated kitchen designers. But beware, before investing in a stainless steel part, you still need to be well informed. We asked advice from the Home-Inox team, specialized in the production of stainless steel kitchens for individuals.

A stainless steel worktop

Dvai If, on the contrary, you like stainless steel worktops, opt for matching basins or a welded sink, which allows you to no longer have unsightly joints between the plan and the sink. Likewise, a backsplash on the worktop will prevent you from having a joint between the work surface and the wall. For storage elements, you can bet on chrome handles that will bring a touch of elegance to the whole.

More or less upscale cuisine

Home-Inox realization Depending on your budget, you will have to choose between a real professional kitchen or a more accessible kitchen, as the Home-Inox brand offers in its workshop dedicated to individuals, located in Rennes. The brand's promise? You install a chef's kitchen at home, according to your needs and the layout of the room.

Two-color cuisine

Lapeyre At Lapeyre, we use stainless steel elements and a black worktop and credenza in the kitchen signed Frédéric Anton. The room is resolutely design and brighter thanks to the reflections of natural light on the facades. We love the taller furniture without handles, more chic.

A tailor-made kitchen

Home-Inox realization If you hesitate about the choice of your future stainless steel kitchen, know that you can completely cover standard furniture (Ikea type) or already existing in your current room, or opt for a custom-made kitchen.

Be vigilant about the quality of stainless steel

Sights The Home-Inox team teaches us that we must however be very vigilant about the thickness of the stainless steel. Indeed, a worktop must not have a thickness less than 1.5 mm (which is the standard format), otherwise it will be very fragile. For a more noble and more robust kitchen, choose a 6mm stainless steel.

A trendy color: gray

Castorama Gray is undeniably the color in vogue this year. An open stainless steel kitchen is therefore ideal if it opens onto a living room in gray tones. It will thus create visual continuity and significantly expand the space like this Cooke & Lewis model from Castorama.

Maintain stainless steel

Home-Inox realization Having a kitchen worthy of professionals is good, but you still have to clean it regularly. To do this, use silver stone, white powder very slightly abrasive weekly. For more regular maintenance, the Home-Inox team recommends a grandmother's recipe: a mixture of very hot water and white vinegar. No need to wipe otherwise you risk leaving traces on the stainless steel!

A kitchen that evolves over time

Hampton kitchens Before buying a stainless steel kitchen, know that you should not imagine that your room will remain brand new for years. In fact, a stainless steel worktop will age over time and will necessarily show traces after a while. It is therefore better to select another material if you want to maintain a shiny brushed appearance.

Know the prices

Home-Inox production From specialists such as Home-Inox or Plakinox - which cuts custom-made stainless steel plates for individuals - a simple work surface of two meters is sold from 500 euros. For a kitchen complete with several worktops for welded sinks and a cladding of the furniture fronts, count around 5000 euros.