10 do-it-yourself placemats

10 do-it-yourself placemats

Want to put small dishes in the big ones? To take care of the table decoration and pamper your loved ones with good meals, do not underestimate the role of table mats! They instantly bring the decorative touch that makes the difference and protects your table from all kinds of splashes and unwanted fork knocks. The editorial staff rummaged on the canvas in search of 10 DIY as beautiful as original. What will be your favorite?

Tie and dye placemat

Happy Chantilly It's undeniable, tie and dye is popular. It adapts perfectly to all of our household linen, from curtains to towels, including tablecloths and place mats. As a bonus, it will even convince novices in creation. Source: Happy Chantilly

Rope placemat

Loïcia Itréma Nothing is lost, everything is transformed! For a natural table decoration or a marine atmosphere, recycle a rope and cardboard and make an unusual table set. You just need to bring a glue gun and wrap the rope around the cardboard. Easy, right? Source: Loïcia Itréma

Weaving placemat

Marauda Verbo Paper is the most affordable and practical material for making placemats. And contrary to what you might think, it lends itself to a wide variety of techniques, including weaving. The trick: do not hesitate to play with colors to bring contrast. Source: Marauda Verbo

Felt placemat

Atelier fleur de mai Felt is an easy-to-work material that brings a touch of warmth to a decoration. Here, the blogger played on three complementary colors for a most graphic result. Only a ruler, a pencil, templates and scissors were needed! Source: May flower workshop

Pompoms placemat

Marie la pirate We know all the classic water hyacinth placemats. Admit it: you too are hiding some copies in your drawers. Pretty pompoms added on the sides are enough to customize them. To accompany with a pretty bouquet of country flowers as a centerpiece. Source: Marie la pirate

Sewn and embroidered placemat

Lalouandco Place two creative techniques that complement each other: sewing and embroidery. In a pretty floral print, rectangular place mats have been sewn. Then, a small cutlery pocket in natural linen came to complete the picture. The designer even gives you a free flower motif to embroider in your turn. Source: Lalouandco

3D placemat

Oh the lovely things Do you know the principle of pop up cards? These relief maps which reveal a cut-out pattern when opening? We find it very original to apply the concept to placemats! For that, scrupulously follow the template provided on this blog, you will see, it's easy! Source: Oh the lovely things

Shibori placemat

Brico bistro To recycle old family linen in cotton or linen, sometimes it is enough to dye it. Here, the shibori technique was used, making the original fabric unrecognizable. This is a traditional technique using folding, twisting the linen to spread the dye. Source: Brico bistro

Patchwork placemat

Camelot fabrics Assembling several fabrics by sewing them is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese poetic placemats which combine shapes and patterns. A more complicated tutorial than the previous ones which requires sewing knowledge. Quickly print the templates if you are up for the challenge! Source: Camelot fabrics