Les Echasses, the eco-friendly hotel in the heart of the Landes

Les Echasses, the eco-friendly hotel in the heart of the Landes

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Created in the middle of the forest, Les Echasses is far from being a hotel like the others. This "eco-lodge" is defined as a "four-star hotel in ecological mode", combining luxury and ecology. Environmental issues are indeed at the heart of the operation of this unique place. Visit a design spot conducive to well-being and relaxation.

Originally a dream

Hôtel Les Echasses Upon arrival, it is hard to imagine that you are at the hotel! The sublime setting changes from the traditional model. Originally, a dream, that of Patrick Arotcharen, architect and co-founder of Les Echasses, who imagines Berber tents pitched on the water. It's done ! The waders (hence the name of the hotel) were placed directly on the water.

An encounter with nature

Hôtel Les Echasses Les Echasses invites you to a new relationship with things, an encounter with nature, for a simple and relaxing rhythm of life. The wi-fi connection and smartphones are nevertheless accepted!

Modges for everyone

Hôtel Les Echasses The hotel is built around 7 "modges", spaces of 50 m2 with bedroom and private terrace. Note that a house is also present on the site and dedicated to rental.

Nature and simplicity in the room

Hôtel Les Echasses Inside, the rooms have a minimalist design, for comfort and style as close as possible to nature. Blond wood is king, like the other preferred raw materials, from the region and untreated.

An exceptional view of the lake

Hôtel Les Echasses From the terrace, admire the exceptional view of the lake, whose reflections seem to extend to the bedroom. The egg chairs allow you to bask outside in a small decorative cocoon.


Hôtel Les Echasses The dining area is also sober and elegant, adorned with raw materials. Jean-Louis Iratzoki, one of the three founders of the site, was responsible for the interior design, whose colors closely match those of nature.

Olympic swimming pool

Hôtel Les Echasses A huge swimming pool also allows you to bask away from stress and pollution. The more athletic will appreciate the direct access to the three golf courses near the village.

Nature and privacy preserved

Hôtel Les Echasses Marti Franch, landscaper and co-founder of Les Echasses, wanted to recreate the typical heath landscape. Hundreds of trees, plants and fruit trees have been planted (pines, oaks, heather), thus preserving the privacy of the guests in their modges.

Between heaven and earth

Hôtel Les Echasses Between heaven and earth, the night at Les Echasses opens onto a veritable haven of peace. Marti Franch admits that "luxury is to be nature". This is done at the Stilts. Luxury, calm and pleasure… More info on