City guide: Berlin

City guide: Berlin

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Berlin transformed the 20th century and has not said its last word for the current century. Creative, alternative and civic, the German capital enjoys an extraordinary force of attraction. Take an almost provincial living environment. A city extended in the middle of a plain and traveled by bicycle by its inhabitants. Pine forests and lakes. Add to it the exceptional collections of art, antiques and design museums. In Berlin you will find terrible traces of history but the most interesting is being built there. It is the open vision of the future carried by its inhabitants that makes Berlin surprising and exciting to discover.

Where to sleep: Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Art Luise Kunsthotel The Arte Luise Kunsthotel is halfway between the boutique hotel and the museum of modern art. Each room has been decorated by a different artist for a unique, surprising and sometimes surreal atmosphere. The hotel is located in the center of Berlin near the Brandenburg Gate and the famous avenue planted with lime trees: Unter den Linden. An original and accessible accommodation option in the heart of the German capital. Further information: selection of hotels in Berlin

Street art in Berlin

Günter Steffen You don't come to Berlin by chance. Beside its tragic history and its "minimal" electronic music, Berlin is known worldwide for the richness of its street arts. The wall frescoes are omnipresent, terrifying or joyful. Creative people from around the world, unite! Berlin will host in 2017 the first street art museum in the world: Museum for Urban Contemporary Art. In the meantime, you have to browse the largest open-air gallery in the districts of Kreuzberg and Freidrichshain and everywhere else. From the East gallery to the all-consuming fresco of BLU. Find out more: idea of ​​a street art route in Berlin

Architecture: Bauhaus Archiv

Nickolay Pirogov It is in Germany that one must look for one of the most influential schools of architecture and design of the 20th century: the Bauhaus. The school founder, architect Walter Gropius designed the original museum building. From Weimar to Berlin via Dessau, the Bauhaus school combined in different workshops (metal, carpentry, glass…) creative research from design to artisanal production work. From this double orientation was born contemporary design and also the creation of simple, inexpensive and easy to manufacture products. The furniture becomes removable, reassemblable and multifunctional. Does this remind you of something ? Find out more: Berlin's most interesting museums

A restaurant in Berlin: Neni Restaurant

Stephan Lemke for 25hours Hotels Industrial decoration with light bulbs hanging on a wire on a white tiled background, "clean metro" atmosphere, you know. Imagine an open and bright space with drooping plants like in the tropical greenhouse of an orbital station. The Neni restaurant is located at the top of a hotel overlooking the Tiergarten park. The panoramic view of this green sea is superb, worthy of the first minutes of a science fiction novel. Mediterranean cuisine on the menu. An amazing mix. Find out more: Neni Restaurant in the 25hours Hotel

A green space: Tempelhof

Jo Elle Berlin is a green city dotted with lakes, crisscrossed by rivers, populated by nearly 10,000 wild boars and many foxes. You cannot miss the romantic and very central Tiergarten park. For an off-the-beaten-path visit, hop on your bike to the old Tempelhof Airport. One of the largest buildings in the world (Nazi megalomania requires) has been transformed into a huge shared garden. Without cultivating polluted soil, Berliners compete in creativity to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables above ground in tubs of all kinds. To touch the spirit of Berlin. Find out more: Berlin's parks and green spaces

Have a drink: Minimal

Minimal A bar / club to come and have a drink and wiggle on minimal techno in Berlin. The decoration is this typical Berlin mix where vintage furniture from the sixties rubs shoulders with rustic hunting trophies and hypnotic street art frescoes. Free entry. The atmosphere is relaxed even during a match ball at the ping-pong table. Find out more: where to go out in Berlin

Shopping at Mauerpark

Tomislav Medak It doesn't exist anywhere else: a flea market coupled with outdoor karaoke. The Mauerpark ("park of the wall") was occupied by the sinister wall before hosting one of the largest ** flea markets ** in Berlin. Design objects from the former GDR and FRG, others from before the war and in the midst of modern creations: t-shirts, bags, framed photos, trinkets of all kinds ... Ideal for bringing back an original souvenir of Berlin and supporting the creators of the German capital. Karaoke in the amphitheater against the hill is another moment of absolute happiness made in Berlin. Find out more: on the Mauerpark


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