The watercolor trend in decoration

The watercolor trend in decoration

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Many new decorative catalogs highlight the watercolor trend. And this in all rooms of the house. Wall decorations, dishes, paint, wallpaper ... The accessories are adorned with pastel colors and soothing patterns whatever the style of the space in which they are installed. Here is our selection of irresistible "watercolor" atmospheres to inspire you.

Cacti invade the living room

Donkey Wall Decor Both the cactus motif and the watercolor trend are in vogue at the moment. Suffice to say that when the two elements meet, it detonates! The proof, this wallpaper signed Ane Wall Decor (available on Etsy) gives an exotic look to the room.

Soothing cuisine

Ikea To be able to cook with complete peace of mind, these "watercolor" cupboard fronts are ideal. They are part of the new Ikea catalog, which highlights this trend right behind the stove! In order not to darken the room too much, remember to favor other white storage and to properly light the room.

Opt for a colorful wallpaper

Scenolia This jade green wallpaper whose texture is inspired by watercolors has understood everything! It makes it possible to revamp a living room and bring more luminosity to the room. If you do not want to renovate the entire space, you have the option of covering only a section of wall.

A multicolored carpet

La Redoute Here is a decorative element that does not go unnoticed! This beautiful multicolored trendy "watercolor" rug from La Redoute features different colors like a masterpiece. It brings warmth to a living room or a bedroom. We love the contrast with the walls painted in deep blue.

Painting your walls

Puistolassa Watercolors have a great advantage: they allow subtle gradations. The proof, this room has walls painted in several shades of gray which allow to highlight the immaculate floor, the bed linen and to significantly enlarge the space. Source: The azimuth workshop

Highlight your furniture

Donkey Wall Decor With a watercolor-inspired wall covering, you can play with the volumes and highlight your furniture by painting only part of your walls or by matching the shape of your furniture, as is the case in this modern dining room.

A design style in your interior

Broste Copenhagen If you fall for accessories inspired by watercolors, know that you will have to enhance them with raw materials for more design. Wood, rattan, marble or even sandstone are all materials that will be sublimated by gradations of colors.

Unique dishes

Blog Mamie Boude Whether on plates, dishes or trays, "watercolor" tableware energizes your table decoration and brings color to the kitchen. To harmonize everything, choose a beautiful tablecloth and accessories in the same tones for a colorful and elegant dinner. Source: Mamie Boude Blog

Play on gradients

La Redoute Finally, this rug allows you to play on a gradient of colors and significantly enlarge the space of this feminine living room. The floral patterns of the armchair and the table stand out all the more thanks to this accessory and to the other darker shades of the room.