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A dream house organized around an interior courtyard

A dream house organized around an interior courtyard

The Melbourne-based architecture studio and Sydney Matt Gibson Architecture + Design asserts an Australian style and a graphic urban design open to the outside like this house entirely thought around its interior courtyard to offer traffic flow, light and privacy. Visit in pictures of a dream project.

A large bright living room

Matt Gibson From the outside, no one can guess the beautiful volumes that the house offers and in particular that of the living room which mixes kitchen, dining room and living room by structuring spaces without necessarily delimiting them. The result is user-friendly while focusing on an impeccable design in lines and materials.

A warm living room

Matt Gibson The key to Matt Gibson's cozy living room? The use of light wood on the wall surface to create a visual delimitation. The wall then becomes an integral part of the decor thanks to graphic storage and the low wall which becomes furniture and accommodates the fireplace. In terms of decoration, the emphasis is on textiles and light-looking furniture thanks to the tubular base.

Materials that set the scene

Matt Gibson In the living room, the architect's studio skillfully played with the different materials to offer a graphic and luminous composition. The white walls allow the wood of the wall and the floor to be highlighted, and the marble of the central island offers a chic and bright element to the room to make it a sculptural element. All bathed in light thanks to an impressive bay window and part of the glass roof as well.

A fully open kitchen

Matt Gibson In the living room, the kitchen appears as the central element of the room and gives it its conviviality thanks to the monumental central island which then becomes a space to settle in. The rest of the kitchen is discreet, built into the wall and hidden by invisible cupboard wall storage.

Architectural features

Matt Gibson In the living room, the main characteristic is not only the total opening of one of the walls on the outside but also the roof, inherited from the old cottage that was the house, which offers a high ceiling impressive above the kitchen with a glass surface that bathes the room with light. The C plan of the house also sets the tone of the traffic with a corridor open to the outside which starts from the living room to reach the rest of the house.

A possibility of total opening

Matt Gibson The bay window of the living room disappears entirely to open up the space towards the interior courtyard. As for the corridor that allows circulation in the house, it is fully glazed to let in light and offer an indoor / outdoor space.

A natural room

Matt Gibson Opposite the living room, the bedroom also opens onto the interior courtyard for a natural feeling. White is then chosen for its neutrality and its luminosity which emphasize the warmth of the wood. A certain Zen spirit emerges from the room with its designer and refined furniture.

Circulation from the outside

Matt Gibson The bedroom also opening onto the courtyard thanks to its bay windows, getting from the bedroom to the living room is not necessarily via the corridor. The two rooms are in fact directly connected by the terrace and form only one and the same space when the two open onto the outside.

A terrace for the heart of the house

Matt Gibson The central element then becomes the real heart of the house and the terrace is thus an integral part of all rooms. It wants to be warm with its wooden covering and functional thanks to the bench integrated in the structure of the house. As for the central tree, not only does it provide a breath of fresh air in the house but it is also intended to provide shade and therefore freshness to this superb terrace which overlooks the swimming pool. More info: