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Singer also invites itself into your kitchen!

Singer also invites itself into your kitchen!

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And no, you're not dreaming ! Singer can also equip your kitchen with its ranges of small and large appliances. The reputation and history of the brand is well established in terms of sewing machines. However, since 2003, Singer has diversified by offering small and large household appliances. Discover the 7 brand new products: technological, practical, vintage… There is something for everyone!

A vitamin cocktail to start the day off right!

Singer This juice extractor will allow you to have fresh fruit or vegetable juice as soon as you want. Cold extraction retains vitamins, trace elements, minerals and enzymes. This device processes the whole fruit: no need to peel and seed! The engine of this model is very quiet and efficient (60 rpm). These three filters for smoothies, juices and sorbets will transform fruits and vegetables as desired. Juicer, Slow Juicer, SJW-200, Singer, € 399.00

An oven with a nice vintage look

Singer This microwave oven has a nice retro design, thanks to its oval glass, red color, handle and chrome buttons. Its 5 power levels and 12 automatic functions (popcorn, pizza, meat, etc.) make it a versatile microwave oven. It will quickly find its place in your kitchen with its vintage touch. Microwave oven, 20UX-30-L7EX, Singer, € 139.00

A versatile robot

Singer This compact food processor will be a real asset in your kitchen thanks to its stainless steel bowl, its steam basket, its 12 speeds and its adjustable temperature, from 20 ° to 120 °, and many other ingenious accessories. It will allow you to quickly prepare tasty small dishes. Robot-cooker, SF501E, Singer, € 349.00

An ally with a futuristic look

Singer With its look from another planet, this multi-cooker robot will allow you to reheat, roast, simmer or even steam your preparations. Preparing in advance (or scheduling) meals for family evenings or with friends will be a breeze with its 5.5l capacity! Multicooker, MC-600D, Singer, € 159.00

For frosty evenings

Singer With this ice machine, you no longer have to run around the kitchen and make endless back and forth trips during your evenings with friends. It makes 9 ice cubes every 10 minutes (up to 600g), in two different sizes. You will be the king of cocktails! Ice maker, HZB 12A, Singer, € 199.00

Retro fridges

Singer Singer also embarks on vintage household appliances. With these two refrigerators with a retro look, you have the choice between an ecru (1 door) and a red (combi 2 doors) with chrome finishes. Refrigerator, Epoque 311 Cream, Singer, € 849.00 Refrigerator, Epoque 318 Red, Singer, € 1,269.00