DIY shoe cabinets

DIY shoe cabinets

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Tired of seeing your (many) pairs of shoes lying around anywhere in your home? The solution is undoubtedly to invest in a piece of furniture specially dedicated to their storage. To avoid spending a fortune and benefit from custom-made furniture, we suggest you build or customize your shoe storage yourself thanks to 20 carefully selected DIYs. Let's go !

The bench serves as storage

Mommy Thumbnails Are you short of space at home? So hit the nail on the head with this shoe cabinet that doubles as a bench. The secret trick, an overturned shelf in which boxes are integrated. Source: Mommy Vignettes

Shoe cabinet

Cookie Loves Milk If your thing is originality and modernism, this arrangement is likely to catch your eye. In addition, you don't have to be a super DIYer to succeed: simple PVC tubes will do the trick. Source: Cookie loves milk

Shoes make crates of them

Thea's Mania Wooden crates hanging on the wall to store shoes? What a funny idea ! And yet the result speaks for itself. Again, the concept is easy to set up and particularly effective. Source: Thea's Mania

Fringes on my furniture

Make me Lemonade If you already have a shoe cabinet that fulfills its role, but you can no longer see it, do not throw it away. The ideal is to customize it to give it a second wind! A few cork boards and a pair of scissors can do wonders… Source: Make my Lemonade

The power of print

Ikea Few people think about it, but a simple printed wallpaper can change a lot. Here, the flowery and colorful effect brings the touch of madness that was missing from the space. We love ! Source: Apartment Therapy

A locker for my shoes

Sincerely Sarah D / Remodelaholic Do you always have a weakness for the charm of vintage? Do not hesitate and fall for an old box for sorting mail to put your shoes on! Imagine such a piece of furniture in your entry, class right? Source: Remodelaholic

Shoe hut

A Piece of Rainbow Fans of minimalism and sleek design will be happy: here is the shoe storage they dreamed of! Made of cardboard, it has the enormous advantage of greatly limiting investment thanks to a very low cost. Source: A piece of Rainbow

Heels tetris

Laura Moss If an entire wall of storage for your shoes has always made you dream, it's time to take the plunge! A library that is very easy to find at Ikea, Conforama or other major brands of the genre will do the trick. It throws is not it? Source: Something Navy

Cork sole

Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg You are not the type to take the lead and put the practical side above all? Then you will be served. Inspired by Danish design, this minimalist shoe storage is what you need. A wooden board, nails and rubber bands will suffice for your happiness! Source: My Scandinavian Home

A touch of modernity

Rain and Chocolate Finished the white shoe cabinet and sad that gives a depressing side to your entrance. Today is the time for eccentricity! Thanks to the extraordinary powers of wallpaper rolls and their prints, giving your furniture a second life is child's play. Source: Rain and Chocolate

Furniture makeover for my shoes

Stephanie Bricole How about going to the local flea market to find your next shoe storage? Yes, well restored, an old piece of furniture can be the ideal solution for storing your sandals. In addition, it is an opportunity to let your artistic fiber speak! Source: Stephanie Bricole

Storage pallet

Bulb head In 2016, pallets are at the top of the trend! Authentic, natural and full of charm, they undoubtedly bring a decorative side that is out of place. Remember to recycle them on shelves to put your shoes on. Awesome right? Source: Bulb head

Shoe tree

Nicola Lemmon It's well known, the Nordic countries have a very strong taste for style, so why not take inspiration from it? This ultra-minimalist step ladder in light wood may seem complex, its realization is within everyone's reach. Get started! Source: A pair & a spare DIY

Shoes climb the ladder

Design Sponge If at first glance, using a ladder to store your shoes may seem strange, in reality, it is not! Indeed, you only have to see the photo to realize the effectiveness of this trick. Simple wooden planks will allow this storage. Source: Design Sponge

A net bench

Mamie Boude Here is a tip that should delight those who place originality and simplicity above everything. You are not a DIY expert? No problem, four nails and a net will be enough to stop seeing your shoes lying around! Source: Mamie Boude

Shelf shoes

Therese Winberg In recent years, metal, accompanied by the industrial spirit, has made a comeback in decoration. Here is the perfect proof with these five shelves. Placed one above the other, they give the impression of forming a piece of furniture without partitions. We love ! Source: Therese Winberg

Smart storage

ADC x Le Bon Coin You don't have the chance to live in a 600 square meter and want above all to optimize the space? This hidden storage under the sofa mattress should strongly inspire your choice. Discreet and particularly practical, it has all the qualities. Source: Curiosity Workshop

Shoe racks

Burkatron Divert the use of a mesh to make it the storage unit for your heeled shoes, a nice idea for fans of pumps. We validate! Source: Burkatron

Shoe trays

Welcome to Coline Nostalgic people also have the right to put their shoes away! And recycling the famous plastic cases should appeal to more than one. Thanks to the retro effect of this piece of furniture, storing your sandals becomes a real comeback in childhood. Source: Welcome to Coline


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