I want a desk with lots of storage

I want a desk with lots of storage

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The key to the success of a workspace? The organization! And for that, you will have to choose an office furniture that puts all the chances on your side thanks to many storage spaces that will allow you to classify, sort, archive and be organized. So for a comeback that starts off on the right foot, here are 10 desks that don't lack storage.

A secretary-style office

Maisons du monde Compact but very practical, the secretary multiplies the small drawers and compartments so as to organize his correspondence and other work. The good news is that it closes in on itself for a very "tidy" style at the end of the day.

A telegraph office

Maisons du monde For an industrial style that is not lacking in practicality, we adopt the telegraph-style desk, which has many shelves and lockers that used to store the various telegrams. Today, he has a playful style that will help you get organized.

Clean but tidy

Maisons du monde For a desk with clean lines to be all the same practical, we choose a model which is also inspired by secretaries and which offers sorting compartments on top. You gain practicality and graphic style.

A shelf-style desk

Conforama To maximize the storage space of this office furniture, the tray does not rest on two legs but offers a storage shelf as a base. As a result, the office becomes ultra practical while maintaining a beautiful work surface.

A retro and practical office

Chouette manufactures Back to basics with this retro desk that multiplies the storage drawers like the old school desks. What classify and store discreetly with these closed storage.

An office with integrated cupboard

Maisons du monde Original, this desk has a worktop with two drawers mounted on a metal structure which allows you to benefit from large cupboards in height. Ideal for storing files and optimizing your workspace.

Multiple storage spaces

La Redoute No classic base for this wooden desk with clean lines but one side with drawers and another incorporating a graphic storage shelf which gives all its style to this desk while offering it properties ideal for organization.

Top / bottom storage

La Redoute In addition to opting for a telegraph-style desk that extends storage space on the wall surface, you can adopt a desk that offers a storage box that slides under the tray. Generally on wheels, it allows you some ideal flexibility during your working hours.

Integrated shelves in the office

Purpose Rather than adding shelves to your office corner, opt directly for a piece of furniture that integrates them with it. Here you can not only store your different papers but also add decorative items for more style.