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Sports decoration: sports objects diverted into decorative objects

Sports decoration: sports objects diverted into decorative objects

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For sports fans (and others), sports objects of all kinds can be recycled into a decorative accessory and therefore offer a second life in your interior. To make your own, to hunt in flea markets or to buy already rethink, here is a selection that should bring cachet and a touch of originality to your home!

Mirror, my beautiful mirror To play the originality card, these old tennis rackets transformed into mirrors are a major asset of a stylish decor. And this tip will delight all conquered since it can be bought as is and can also be made in a few steps. In any case, we adopt it! Source: deFactStudio

Pedal stool

Barak7 If you like atypical and vintage pieces, you are served! This stool is made using a chain and bicycle pedals as a footrest. This seat will find its place perfectly in an industrial atmosphere. Source: Barak7

A train for my corridor

A beach Cottage Give a holiday spirit to your entry by creating a coat rack on an oar. Paint it in the desired color, sand it for an aged effect and screw on some hooks. Come on, more than a year before the next vacation! Source: A Beach Cottage

Climbing holds on the wall

Jim Tschetter To fill a large section of empty wall by combining a decorative and fun aspect, choose to make your own climbing wall by hanging outlets. Obviously, if you plan to climb on the wall, take adequate safety measures! Source: Our Loft

Skis carry newspapers

upCyD We transform the house into a chalet by adopting these recycled skis. In magazine rack or wooden support to install next to the fireplace, you will do what you want with these unique creations! Source: Etsy

The bike comes out of the wall

Evergreen No one can blame you for a lack of originality with this decorative bike, nailed to the wall. Use its basket for storage or as a planter. One thing is certain: it will not go unnoticed! Source: Wayfair

Useful bullets

In Silvis No jealousy with these atypical hooks as the choice is vast: tennis, football, baseball or golf… Each sportsman will find his happiness! Source: In Silvis


Skate Home This skateboard transformed into a wall lamp contradicts all clichés thanks to its elegant appearance in light wood. It exists in different woods, colors and even prints. We love ! Source: Skate Home


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