Idol Hôtel: pop and groovy design in Paris

Idol Hôtel: pop and groovy design in Paris

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Ideally located in the heart of Paris, a stone's throw from the Opéra Garnier and department stores, the Idol Hotel stands out for its strong and atypical identity. A tribute to pop, soul and funk music, we stay here in an atmosphere where rhythm is king when color takes back all its rights. A joyful mixture of styles, eras, musical genres and nuances is proudly installed in an exquisite taste. Here, the comfortable rooms equipped with bluetooth speakers become cozy cocoon and frenzied dance floor. Discover in pictures the most groovy hotel in Paris.

A tribute to the instruments in the lobby

Idol Hôtel In the lobby, we like to revel in the sound of old turntables as well as to contemplate the luminous creations of the publisher DelightFull. Here, the trombones, trumpets and organs are transformed into suspensions and sconces with an assumed musical look.

The Moon Blue room

Idol Hôtel The 32 rooms and suites of the hotel have been designed as a journey through the history of music. Different but always full of souls, these one-night dwellings think of themselves as places of unique experience. In the Moon Blue room, we love the graphic rhythm, brought by touches with the geometric patterns of the tapestries and tiles, as well as the harmonious marriage of elegant blue and pop and sparkling orange.

Lady soul: the bedroom with a very soft vintage decor

Idol Hôtel Another room, another atmosphere. In the Lady Soul, the decor is tinged with tender and delicious colors, like the water green of the basin or the powder pink of the seats. Here, we groove to the sound of discs selected by DJ Maz, Parisian record store, or his personal playslist thanks to bluetooth speakers with which all rooms are equipped.

A brilliant suite

Idol Hôtel The hotel also offers 5 spacious suites, from 30 to 35m², where decor, technology and music become one. In the Sunshine, we fall for the bright free-standing bathtub, installed in the bedroom tinted with blue and yellow in a pop and dynamic spirit.

Disco atmosphere in the bathroom

Idol Hôtel In the Light my fire room, how can you not fall in love with the 70's bathroom? A psychedelic touch, the black and gold patterned tiles invite themselves like a record sleeve on the walls. We love !

Give me the night under the roof

Idol Hôtel The very graphic suite Give me the night, a tribute to Georges Benson and his iconic title dating from 1980, invites you to let off steam to the sound of disco rhythms. We like its very cozy side, its beautiful volumes as well as its bright bathtub (the same as in the Blue Sunshine). A must.

A patio with trees

Idol Hôtel A pretty tree-lined patio provides the hotel with a pleasant outdoor area, where you can have breakfast on sunny days. The decor is simple but worked, with ultra-contemporary purple wire armchairs.

A hammam and sound in the Feeling Good suite

Idol Hôtel In the Feeling Good suite, you may feel good. With its decor that mixes design accents of the 50s and seventies notes, the atmosphere is given. But above all, a private hammam allows travelers to relax to the sound of music for an absolutely exquisite weekend!

Jungle fever at the hotel

Idol Hôtel In the Jungle Fever suite, we discover a decor worked in shades of green and red, embellished with plant motifs. We love its resolutely exotic spirit and its generous dimension, to groove at will!