H&M Home: Discover the fall 2016 collection

H&M Home: Discover the fall 2016 collection

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For this Fall 2016 collection, H&M Home is banking on elegance by opting for natural materials and tones. Wood, ceramic or knitted mesh are the assets of this season! In 10 photos, discover the most beautiful decorative objects of this new season, on sale at the Swedish giant.

When pineapple meets marble

H&M Home For storing all our small bazaars, pineapple boxes will be ideal on our bedside tables or in the living room. The association with dark marble undeniably brings the chic side so much appreciated in our interior. * Glass pineapple boxes: € 9.99 *

Glass in the spotlight

H&M Home How to combine style and practicality? With pretty transparent glass boxes: we mix the metals, the sizes, we add a frame from the same range to emphasize the decorative side, and voila! * Glass and metal box: from € 7.99 to € 19.99 Metal frame: € 7.99 *

Classic chic

H&M Home Classic-chic invades our living rooms and neutral and natural colors settle in the house. We install statues of busts and we don't forget a few touches of powdered pink and golden accessories that will set the tone for this year. * Velvet cushion cover: € 7.99 Metal horse head vase: € 29.99 *

Storage looks vintage

H&M Home This winter, natural materials are in the spotlight. We will easily find a place in our interior for boxes in printed aged wood. * Aged wooden box: from € 14.99 to € 24.99 *

Charm and elegance

H&M Home In a contemporary style, this living room inspires elegant sobriety and a touch of softness thanks to the interplay of materials. Patinated wood, golden metal, a velvet centerpiece for a harmonious whole.

An authentic bathroom

H&M Home The bathroom is also in the image of the collection, wood, rough, a refined and controlled decoration. Keep the essentials with nice linen without going far from the sober atmosphere of the room. * Jacquard bath towel: € 14.99 Jacquard bath mat: € 19.99 *

A cocoon-natural bedroom

H&M Home The bed appears like a cocoon in which to slip into for a moment of softness and rest, the linen goes perfectly with the natural notion of the collection. * Linen bed base: € 69.99 Linen bed linen: € 99 *

The world of the little ones

H&M Home Little ones will have their heads in the clouds with this room with mixes of playful prints. To keep a common thread, the soft tones remain the same in order to let the children flourish in a space dedicated to their imagination. * Patterned duvet cover: € 24.99 Storage box: € 17.99 Cotton rug with pattern: € 29.99 *

Country spirit

H&M Home For a country house spirit during meals, we cover a patinated wooden table with a superimposition of knitted mesh tablecloths. Combined with ceramic dishes, we advocate authenticity. * Small candle holder: € 5.99 Stoneware pitcher: € 19.99 Cotton tablecloth € 14.99 *