Decorative coaching: expanding the space in a traditional house

Decorative coaching: expanding the space in a traditional house

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The owner of this large Parisian suburban house contacted the agency Mon Interieur Sur Mesure to make changes to his recently acquired accommodation. He wants to create an extension in the kitchen to add space and enlarge the opening of the dining room space. This project also includes the modification of the garage, which becomes a parental suite, as well as the addition of a guest bathroom in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Here are the modifications that the agency MISM proposed to him.

The kitchen after work: a very bright room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In this space, the first objective is the harmonization of colors and materials in order to bring a feeling of calm while bringing out the wood of the furniture and the volume of the room. To modernize the floor while respecting the old character of the house, the decorators offer a unique tiling in the kitchen for the graphic touch, which uses the colors of the whole project: beige, black and white. The wall of white lacquer cupboards creates visual depth for the narrow room and makes it much brighter at the same time.

The dining room and the kitchen after work: a coherent space

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the dining room as in the kitchen, the beige walls agree with the beams and the white ceiling. Walnut brings character to furniture, and makes it particularly warm. The carpet in the dining room floor creates an island and materializes an area. The MISM agency recommends applying an anti-stain treatment on the carpet, very effective: it will allow you to dare the white under a dining table.

A new design and contemporary dining room

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The decorators offer visually light fixtures for the dining room, which will provide diffuse and efficient light. The style is design while being warm and functional.

Kitchen and dining room plan: a harmonious space

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Here is a view of the kitchen and the dining room, which now coexist in harmony!

The garage before work

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The owner wishes to create a parental suite in this garage with a walk-in shower, toilet and dressing room. The current window becomes a French window to provide access to the courtyard from the bedroom. Technical constraints and the need to keep the current sink as well as part of the raised slab defined the future dimensions of the room.

A garage transformed into a parental suite

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the master suite installed in place of the old garage, we find the general atmosphere of the whole house with warm colors and noble materials, but in a lighter version to create a softer and soothing space. The white mural is textured, which gives life to the walls thanks to the shadows and lights. The white lacquered cupboards in turn bring depth and enlarge the room.

The master bedroom after work: side view

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In the bathroom, a walk-in shower uses graphic tiling that energizes this volume without over-modernizing it. Access to the toilets by a sliding door in the wall saves maximum space while simplifying circulation. A large bay window separates the bedroom and the bathroom, it will bring great depth to the room and thus avoid having the feeling of sleeping surrounded by walls.

The upstairs bedroom before work

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure In this upstairs bedroom, the owner wishes to create a small shower room, occupying the minimum space, but also respecting the opening of the hatch on the right wall.

A sober shower room for upstairs guests

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure THE new bathroom is like the rest of the house, simple, soft and sober. Composed of a designer washbasin cabinet and a shower with a mineral spirit, it occupies a minimum of space on the surface of the adjoining bedroom.


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