Fish scales in the bathroom

Fish scales in the bathroom

Fish scales are not only found on the backs of our aquatic friends. This motif has become a must in the bathroom because it obviously refers to water and the seabed. Whether blue or another color, on the floor or on the walls, it gives an ideal look to the room. Here is our selection of the most beautiful uses of this motif in the bathroom.

A very decorative motif

Fire Clay Tile Fish scales are not just for walls. They can also form friezes along a sink or take the shape of your choice to dress a section of wall. The little extra? Have marine-colored bath linens to stay in the theme.

An original floor covering

Tessa Neustadt On the floor of a bathroom, the fish scales motif replaces a traditional checkered tile. With its pattern with more rounded curves, it is more visually soothing. Choose a light or dark shade to create the contrast with the color of your storage units. Source: Blog Style by Emily Henderson

Personalize your furniture

Superfront The famous Big Fish pattern from the Superfront brand adapts to all your furniture, even bathroom furniture. What give your furniture a facelift, make it unique but also be resolutely trendy.

One way or the other

Mercury Mosaics Here, the fish scales were drawn upwards, not downwards. This noticeably enlarges the space, all the more so in a light shade like this. Be careful, however, to regularly clean the tiles so that the dirt does not build up.

A shower curtain like no other

Jonathan Adler If you don't want to completely redo your bathroom, opt for accessories with fish scales like this pretty shower curtain by Jonathan Adler. This will immediately energize your room.

A section of colored wall

H&M Home Fish scales in the bathroom can be used in a more minimalist way, on a single section of wall in a corner for example, in a deep color. Then paint the rest of the walls white or paste a sober wallpaper.

Highlight a wooden bathroom

Camillia Molders Design In this room, the dark wood storage is further enhanced thanks to the blue and green turquoise scales. For the installation of this marine mosaic, call a professional to avoid having surprises once you reach the end of the wall ...

Household linen that invites you to travel

Delamaison Among the essential accessories of a bathroom, there are obviously household linen. Beyond bath sheets, a bath mat, a small hand towel or even a washcloth are all objects that you can acquire with this motif.

A shower like a fish in water!

Mercury Mosaics Forget the classic tiling in your shower in favor of this colorful mosaic that gives a crazy charm to your shower space. You will see, your guests will be won over! Remember to varnish your tiles so that the limestone does not remain inside these deniers.