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I want a brick wall in my living room

I want a brick wall in my living room

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Brick is a raw material that is popular in the living room. And for good reason, it allows you to give different styles to your living room. Rustic, industrial, authentic urban ... There is no shortage of atmospheres thanks to a brick wall. Here are inspiring uses of brick in a living room that we have found. All you have to do is get started!

Brick effect wallpaper

Leroy Merlin If you have a workspace in your living room, a brick effect wall will give a contemporary style while creating relief. To make the room more graphic, add posters or photo frames.

An American interior

Air bnb / Manuel Gaudichon This apartment looks brooklynian by integrating the brick in the living room. This material beautifully highlights the solid parquet and white walls. The little extra? You can hang a white sheet to make a giant screen at home.

Bricks all the way up

Trendland Blog If your entry leads directly to your living room, it is important to arrange it well and not to neglect its decoration. In this loft, an entire wall made of bricks extends from the closet from the entrance to the second floor, bringing out the furniture and decorative accessories. Source: Trendland

A vintage living room

Bleu Nature Washed bricks immediately give a retro look to a living room. The proof, with this spacious room, in which the leather sofas and wooden coffee tables bring warmth to an industrial-style space.

A column of bricks

Alvhem Blog Even if you don't live in a castle, you can have your own brick column! Ideal for dressing the corner of a room and to enlarge the space, it will allow you to create a reading corner that will make people jealous. Source: Alvhem

Bricks around the fireplace

Top Tips If you are looking to modernize a somewhat rustic room, consider painting the bricks around your fireplace. This will immediately give your living room a facelift without distorting its authenticity.

A white brick wall

Deavita The brick is not always red. Today, it is adorned with a thousand colors to stick to all trends but also to your tastes. By opting for a white brick wall, you will play with textures by giving more relief to a contemporary room.

An ideal material for decoration

Ikea It is sometimes difficult to decorate a wall without drilling it or without getting tired of its decorative accessories. To avoid mistakes, put a creative mood board against a brick wall. Results? A graphic effect and a unique decoration, which you can adjust as you wish.

Mix colors

Decorative object You can't decide between two colors? Mix the colors! A white brick wall and another in gray tones will go well together in a modern and elegant living room.


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