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10 summer activities to keep your kids occupied (and refreshed) at home

10 summer activities to keep your kids occupied (and refreshed) at home

Once summer has arrived, it can be difficult to keep your children busy during the school holidays, especially in hot weather. But, in the garden, there are a multitude of games very easy to make yourself to entertain the little ones and their opinions in no time! Here are our ideas for outdoor activities with zero budget and guaranteed laughs.

Bubbles like no other

Housing a forest Making bubbles is good, but getting to make a snake of multicolored bubbles is even better! This is what this blog offers you so that your children can have fun with their friends in your outdoor space. Source: Espace Buzz

Make original ice cubes

Hello mother dodo The little plastic toys of your children are not condemned to stay in their room or in the bathtub while bathing. Just place them in an ice cube tray (preferably in silicone) to form funny blocks of ice, to put in the glass of your toddler. Source: Hello mom dodo

Two in one straws These custom straws are used to quench your thirst, but they also serve as a fan to cool your children when the temperature rises. One thing is certain, after having drawn the shapes of their choice, they will accept to hydrate much more easily. Source:

Prepare colorful lemonade

Jujube in the kitchen Involve your children in the kitchen! Instead of preparing traditional lemonade, teach them the recipe for peach (with peaches therefore), which will have a pretty orange color. It is easy and quick to prepare and your children will be less reluctant to drink. Source: Jujube in the kitchen

XXL soap bubbles

Cabin spirit This is something to keep your children occupied for a good part of the afternoon! Simple and economical, this installation will allow you to make giant bubbles to entertain your toddlers and their friends in the garden. Only accessory required: a funnel. Source: Hut Spirit

Play superheroes

Green Jello Challenge your children while refreshing them by offering to try to rescue their favorite superheroes trapped in a block of ice. Beforehand of course, you will have to enclose these plastic toys in a giant ice cube before starting the game. Source: Green Jello

Create an outdoor car circuit

Ramblings from utopia Your little boy loves small cars? Build with him a course worthy of the Formula 1 tracks using a pool fry cut in half. You will only have to create slopes or curves at the circuit before marking the finish line. Source: Ramblings from utopia

A refreshing and homemade snack

Make me bite Who says been said also ice cream! At snack time, your children will be delighted to be able to eat a homemade sorbet made with petit-suisse and sweets. The recipe is very simple to reproduce and is made directly in yoghurt pots to be placed in the freezer with a small wooden stick. Source: Make me bite

Having fun with water jets

Making memories with your kids When it is hot in the garden, it is important to hydrate the little ones well and not to hesitate to wet them regularly so that they do not catch sunstroke. The best way is to let them play with the water! To do this, pierce a plastic bottle before attaching it to your garden hose. Fun guaranteed! Source: Making memories with your kids