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What mirror above the sink in the bathroom?

What mirror above the sink in the bathroom?

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The mirror is a must in the bathroom, but not only. In addition to being useful for washing, preparing and looking at yourself, it can hide practical storage when space is lacking, set the tone for the decor or adapt to even the most difficult situations.

Double sinks: the mirror sees big

Maisons du monde Rather than two mirrors above the double sinks, choose a long mirror that adjusts according to the dimensions of your bathroom furniture. More design, it enlarges the space even more.

A mirror like a sign

Maisons du monde In a Provencal spirit, the mirror coordinates with the vanity unit and displays fine writing that reinforces the furniture spirit of the trade.

Large family: storage above all

Ikea When the family grows and not the space, bet on a bathroom mirror that serves both as a cupboard for storing and that is large enough to watch several of them.

Pocket mirror

Ikea Small but useful, the mirror in its greatest simplicity is discreet but always responds!

A bright mirror

Sanijura You might think that the transparent tubes over the entire height of the mirror are a stylish effect and yet they are integrated lights that light up at your request. Practical and useful!

Practical and decorative mirror

Ikea Two in one, this large mirror allows you to admire but also includes a small practical shelf for the products that we use every day.

Nature atmosphere: simplicity

Ikea Made of wood and very simple, the mirror coordinates with the decor of the room.

Small spaces: wall of mirrors

Ikea When small spaces have a mirror, choose it practical and clever. Here the cupboards are hidden just behind.

Travel light

Maisons du monde This shelving unit, towel warmer and mirror is made in a recycled spirit. Light and space-saving, it offers a masculine yet sober look to the bathroom.