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10 dreamcatchers to make yourself

10 dreamcatchers to make yourself

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Dreamcatchers or dreamcatchers are spiritual objects straight from Native American cultures. Traditionally and according to local belief, we hang them just above his bed so that they capture our night thoughts. They only keep the beautiful pictures and get rid of the bad visions when you wake up. To decorate your bedroom and add an ethnic touch to your room, here are 10 Do It Yourself spotted on Pinterest to make one with your little hands.

A flowery DIY

Inside the life of a goddess It feels like already on vacation! This dreamcatcher will embellish your nights (and your room) thanks to its fabric rosette, its hanging pearls and its crown of summer flowers. You can make it with dried petals or with fresh flowers for more authenticity. For more info on this DIY: Inside the life of a goddess

Add pompoms

Urban Outfitters Traditionally, dream catchers are made with feathers as a suspension. To modernize this wall decoration, the blogger Hello Zadig has added small stones and colored pompoms, which allow to bring an extra touch of color but also to tighten the threads well. For more info on this DIY: Hello Zadig

Build a vintage decorative object

Asaline For lovers of retro style, opt for vintage materials like lace eve that remind us of our grandmothers' doilies. With pastel colors, this dream catcher will go very well in a bedroom or in a boudoir-like room like an entrance or a hallway. For more info on this DIY: Asaline

A wall hanging dreamcatcher

Urban Outfitters To warm your bedroom, nothing like a wool dreamcatcher! This is what the Urban Outfitters brand blog offers you in order to create a custom wall decoration, which will nicely dress up a white wall. For more info on this DIY: Urban Outfitters

An original suspension

Hinagiku Do you want to change the decor of your room? Tired of vacation photos hanging over your bed? Swap them for mini dreamcatchers of different colors. You just have to fall into the arms of Morpheus. For more info on this DIY: Instructables

Bohemian style invades the house

Lili in Wonderland One of the trends of the year is the bohemian style. A few well-placed decorative accessories are enough for your room to become a hippie touch. Blogger Lili in Wonderland has designed, in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, this macrame dreamcatcher with beautiful fabric and feather pendant lights. For more info on this DIY: Lili in Wonderland

A dreamcatcher with sea airs

A Card board dream A forward moussaillon! In a room with a marine decor or to decorate the walls of your house by the sea, this dream catcher in blue rope will make you travel without leaving your bed! Attention: mastery of knots required. For more info on this DIY: A Card board dream

Indian-style dream catchers

Motte These ethnic models are very loyal to Native American dreamcatchers, with their pearls and colorful feathers, which come to capture your nocturnal thoughts. They are to be installed just above your headboard for a good night's sleep. For more info on this DIY: Motte

A designer pendant light

Honest to nod Here, the dreamcatcher has been revisited in a sleek and very design pendant light, with pretty two-tone feathers. You can hang it on the ceiling above your bed so you can watch it just before you fall asleep. For more info on this DIY: Honest to nod