An orchard at home: how to bring fruit trees inside

An orchard at home: how to bring fruit trees inside

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Do you dream of having an orchard but don't have a garden? No problem, there are a few varieties of miniature fruit trees that you can grow indoors or on your little patio. Classic or more exotic fruits, we have put together a nice selection for you.

Pineapple exoticism

Koberg During its flowering period, candido pineapple displays pretty colorful flowers which then transform into an edible red or pink fruit. Install it in a very bright place and remember to water it often.

Vanilla orchid

H. Zell Very pretty, the vanilla orchid deserves. It is difficult to maintain because it requires a long and meticulous manual work of manual pollination when it is indoors if you want to be able to obtain a pod.

Between pear and melon

Caroline Becker Léna Bushy shrub, the pepino is a perennial plant with evergreen foliage. Be careful not to leave it on your terrace in winter, it would not survive. From June, the plant gives pretty white and purple flowers then some fleshy fruits with an amazing taste of pear and melon.

Raspberries in my living room

Jacques Briant The mini ruby ​​raspberry tree allows apartment owners to harvest their own raspberries. Very small - it rarely exceeds one meter - it produces up to 1.5 kilograms of fruit each year!

Cherry tree

Jacques Briant Cherry trees are, in general, the least complicated fruit trees to maintain. Their miniature version is no exception to the rule. The dwarf cherry tree Sylvia was specially designed to develop on a single branch and therefore does not clutter our interiors too much.

The apricot tree, small but strong!

Plants and gardens Smaller in size, the dwarf apricot tree produces just as large fruits as its elder. In spring, it will embellish your interior with pretty little white flowers. As with all other fruit trees, consider putting it in a sunny part of the house.

A bit of exoticism

Urun Very voracious, the dwarf papaya tree requires constant attention. On the program, regular watering, sustained fertilization and hibernation in a warm and bright place if you want to have the hope of getting some fruit when summer arrives.

Apples on a stem

Willemse France The mini apple tree has nothing to envy to its more classic versions. It requires a little water and sun and gives you beautiful fruits at the end of autumn.

A dwarf pear tree

MAP This pretty dwarf pear tree requires little maintenance and offers sublime flowering.