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Decorative visit: a completely renovated Haussmann apartment

Decorative visit: a completely renovated Haussmann apartment

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This charming Haussmannian apartment has been redesigned by the agency MyHomeDesign. For this total restructuring, only the exterior walls have been preserved. Completely renovated in a classic and timeless style, the result is stunning! A chic and easy-going apartment, custom-made furniture, elegant materials and very neat finishes for a decor that resembles a hotel suite. We take you around the owner!

Design chairs

Léa Dominguez These emblematic tulip chairs have clean lines. Both chic and design, their modernity contrasts with the old parquet. We appreciate the mixture of styles which gives a timeless character to the room.

Fine materials for furniture

Léa Dominguez White marble for the table, dark wood for the buffet: beautiful materials are in the spotlight in this dining room!

Beautiful design objects

Léa Dominguez The decorative objects confirm the decorative bias of this piece: we want sleek and chic design like these vases and this fruit basket. White is all the better on the dark wood of the sideboard and is thus highlighted.

A chic and comfortable sofa

Léa Dominguez A desire takes us when we look at this superb light gray leather sofa: settle in comfortably with a good book and enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation.

Vintage spirit in the living room

Léa Dominguez The living room takes on a vintage look from the 60s: the shades of color and the interplay of materials are particularly successful. The decor is balanced between the leather of the armchair, the wood of the sideboard, the glass of the coffee table and the cozy carpet that covers the entire surface of the TV corner.

An imposing library

Léa Dominguez The lounge area has a large backlit library with plenty of storage space and moldings all around: the dream!

A beautiful white kitchen

Léa Dominguez The kitchen is like the living room: chic and refined. It is both functional and consistent with the rest of the apartment. On the ground, the cement tiles make the link between the old and the modern decor.

Sliding doors for the kitchen

Léa Dominguez The kitchen also has a double access by sliding sliding doors, so it crosses between the entrance and the living room. Put away the groceries passing directly by the entrance, have the choice of cooking with open or closed doors: everything becomes easy with this arrangement!

A Japanese bedroom

Léa Dominguez In this room, materials and colors are in perfect harmony: the atmosphere is soothing and a bit Japanese. Some objects bring a touch of character to the decor, such as the openwork suspension or the old mirror, both very imposing.

A graphic print wallpaper

Léa Dominguez The headboard is signified by a wallpaper in brown tones and metallic graphic patterns. All matched with the bed linen for a very cocooning result.

A custom made walk-in wardrobe

Léa Dominguez Who has never dreamed of having such a star wardrobe? It is tailor-made and even has a ladder to reach the tall storage space. The owners of the place are lucky kids, aren't they? Especially since the dressing room is through, which makes it a room in its own right.

An alcove bathroom

Léa Dominguez On the walls of the bathroom, the mosaic brings softness and light. The tub, in a molded alcove, offers the greatest comfort thanks to the light therapy installed in the cornices. In short, a bathroom under the sign of relaxation and chic.

Male chic toilets

Léa Dominguez The style of these toilets is assertive and is more of a timeless masculine chic. The fault is the very dark wood and the black coating on the walls. The design detail: the white water furniture that enhances the whole.