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Sobriety and authenticity for this holiday home in Ibiza

Sobriety and authenticity for this holiday home in Ibiza

At the head of Azul Tierra, both a decoration boutique and interior designer, Toni Espuch has a clear vision of decoration. Far from the effects of fashion, the work of the decorator is thought above all for him in the respect of the places and those who inhabit it. We must therefore take the time to analyze before implementing. And it shows through his achievements: the houses dressed by Azul Tierra are not alike and are always in full harmony with the architecture of the place. A fine example in Ibiza where Azul Tierra entirely decorated a holiday home in an authentic, delicate and sober way. Visit in pictures.

Rooms in ventilated rows

Azul Tierra The adjoining rooms of the house are separated by geometric arches. This configuration enlarges the perspectives while reserving a function for each space. Here, the carpets take on beige, taupe and brown colors and the works of art are delicately scattered everywhere.

A lounge area mixing materials and neutral colors

Azul Tierra Here, each piece of furniture has been chosen, thought out and wanted as an extension of the house. We like the materials used in the small living room, such as wood, linen and a woven carpet. The nuances are soft and the antique furniture rubs shoulders with industrial style coffee tables in perfect harmony. The white walls, typical of the Spanish island, are both authentic and modern.

Dining room recuper chic

Azul Tierra The dining room, open onto the kitchen by a rectangular arch, invites to conviviality. We like the asymmetry around the table and the recuperated but worked side of the whole. An aged bench is installed in front of chairs with delicate caning. The elongated table is made from natural wood blades. A sober but stylized decoration which brings a lot of soul to this house.

A worked corridor

Azul Tierra In the corridor where the polished concrete invites itself without any brutality in modern touch, we like the mixture with the old wooden doors and the hidden corners which become places of exhibition. The decorative elements are made of wood when the paintings invite warm but muted colors on the white walls.

In the bedroom: wood and natural textiles

In the master bedroom, we play the family home spirit. A pretty canopy-style mosquito net wraps the bed adorned with beige and white linen and lace, to make it a real cocoon. On the ceiling, the exposed beams bring a natural cachet to the room. To respect the beauty of the place, the decorators chose to use wooden elements, such as this varnished bench placed at the end of the bed and a headboard in raw wood.

A traditional terrace revisited

Azul Tierra The room has its own terrace, typical of the region. We like the large glass opening which welcomes the light in the room and opens the perspectives on the green exterior landscape. The decoration is both natural and contemporary, mixing wooden lounge chairs, traditional pottery with a very refined integrated bench seat and a polished concrete floor.

A walk-in closet

Azul Tierra The wardrobe is one of the remarkable pieces of the house. The antique doors, in raw studded wood, contrast elegantly with the white lime walls. A valet in the shape of a vintage woman's bust completes an atmosphere full of charm.

A very soft terrace lounge

Azul Tierra Under the wooden pergola, we love this comfortable, modern and warm living room which respects its environment. Again perfectly inserted into the structure of the house, it contrasts gently with its very light pearl gray. A real invitation to relax with its numerous cushions, it remains however refined and minimalist. The proof that a decoration without excess is not bland.

The covered terrace facing the swimming pool

Azul Tierra Outside, a pretty swimming pool with an elongated basin takes place. Far from being pretentious, it fits into the landscape. Opposite, a terrace covered with dried palm leaves is stripped down: raw floors, screened metal furniture and some solid wood furniture thus decorate the space without distorting it. More info: