Decorative Coaching: Personalizing a Parisian Studio

Decorative Coaching: Personalizing a Parisian Studio

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Owning newly acquired housing is not always easy. You have to manage to project yourself into a place that is still unknown, often marked by the imprint of previous occupants. The young owner of a small two-room apartment on a 32m² courtyard in Paris called on the agency Mon Interior Sur Mesure to rethink the decoration of her property and adapt it to her personality and needs. The apartment, completely refurbished, consists of a beautiful bedroom with fitted wardrobe, a living room with open kitchen and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. The challenge ? Imagine future decoration without being influenced by the layout and choice of furniture previously present. The young woman dreams of a refined bedroom in soft colors and raw materials. On the living room side, she wants to create a warm atmosphere with a vintage touch. The MISM agency is also called upon to optimize the small kitchen as much as possible and, in general, the storage space of the whole apartment. It must be functional, benefit from an optimal layout so as not to lose space and above all be very warm!


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