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Zoom on garden storage

Zoom on garden storage

Contrary to what one might think, the garden also needs storage! You will indeed need some furniture that will store the cushions of the garden chairs but also pots of flowers and even sometimes the dishes that will be used for the aperitif. Discover some storage ideas in pictures.

A garden greenhouse

Maisons du monde If you do not have covered space to store your garden furniture and accessories, you can install a greenhouse in your garden. Very decorative for a retro style, it will welcome all the accessories you want and even your plants!

A garden workshop

Castorama Similarly, do not hesitate to use a small outbuilding from the house to create your garden workshop where you can store your furniture but also your tools and accessories for plants.

A shelf against a wall

Ikea If you don't have the space to have an outbuilding or a garden greenhouse, go to the minimum and treat yourself to a shelf that will allow you to place a few pots of flowers and your small garden tools.

A bar for dishes

Maisons du monde If you are used to having an aperitif outside, why not opt ​​for a garden bar which will allow you to store a few bottles and glasses in order to have them on hand. And as much to say that it is a user-friendly storage!

A storage bench

Maisons du monde For smart storage, you can also bet on 2-in-1 furniture like this bench which will allow you to sit comfortably in the garden while offering you a storage chest under the seat. Ideal for storing cushions.

A service near the deckchairs

Maisons du monde When you settle in for sunbathing, you often need a space to store your sunscreen, a towel and a bottle of water. You can then bet on a trolley to group your accessories.

A side table

Maisons du monde If you are used to gardening, you will appreciate having a space where you can put your cuttings, your flower pots and your pruning shears. So bet on a side table that will allow you to store some accessories.

A garden chest

Maisons du monde Whether you have a swimming pool or your garden is by the sea, you can install a storage chest which will allow you to store towels as well as children's buoys and toys.

A bench storage chest

Maisons du monde And in your garden furniture, do not hesitate to integrate a garden chest which will also act as a bench. This will allow you to store the cushions that will add comfort to your furniture.