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Architect's advice: how to organize a multifunctional living room?

Architect's advice: how to organize a multifunctional living room?

Because it is the central element of the habitat and the reflection of your personality, the living room requires a lot of thought as to its layout. It must be both aesthetic, revealing the identity and state of mind of the inhabitants, and functional, especially since the lack of space very often means that several spaces must coexist in a single volume. The living room has become a place for relaxation, entertainment, hospitality, reading, reception ... but also for work and sleep. The whole complexity of the layout of this room can be summed up in one word: multifunctional!

Multifunctional lounge n ° 2: an entrance, a kitchen, a relaxation area and a sleeping area

Angélique BLANC ** In this studio, the main room of 3.80 mx 5.40 m is optimized for five uses: entry, kitchen, relaxation and work space and extra sleeping. In this small, necessarily multifunctional space, we reduce the furniture to the bare essentials, and round tables are to be banned! We opt instead for a high bar equipped with storage, which delimits the kitchen area. The relaxation area is coupled with the work area. It is equipped with a 3-seater sofa convertible into a 140 x 190 cm bed, and a liftable coffee table. Its box is used for storage, and its tray is raised to convert into an office. Cubic staircase shelves are installed to increase the number of storage spaces, and to create a small, more isolated reading area. Finally, to create a little privacy in the sleeping area, sliding Japanese panels are installed, bringing a decorative touch in harmony with the relaxation area. **

Multifunctional living room n ° 3: a kitchen / dining area, a relaxation area, a desk and an extra bed

Angélique BLANC ** In this 7.85 mx 4.50 m room, the challenge is to integrate the kitchen, the dining room, a friendly relaxation area, the office area and an extra bed. With a little ingenuity, it becomes possible! At the end of the room, the decorative fireplace receives the television screen, and is flanked on one side by a library, and on the other, by an integrated desk with discretion since it is equipped with a sliding shelf retractable. For a linear, light and harmonious rendering, the bookcase and office furniture will be painted the same color as the walls. A convertible ottoman is placed next to the sofa, serving as additional seating during the day and as an extra bed for a guest at night. Finally, on the kitchen side, daily meals will be taken on the counter, and a discreet extendable console on wheels will be transformed into a table that seats 8 guests thanks to its 3 extensions. Ultra practical and design, this console allows to maintain a comfortable circulation space in the volume, that would not allow a permanent table. **

Multifunctional lounge n ° 4: a relaxation area, a desk and a children's corner

Angélique BLANC ** Like many apartments in the city center, this 5.30 mx 4.60 m room has a narrow alcove of 2 mx 2.50 m, and must meet the individual and collective needs of each member. family ... and guests. The alcove is surrounded by a stackable sofa bed for extra sleeping. Unusual and space saving, it unfolds in height creating 2 bunk beds. Closed, it looks like a classic sofa, and thanks to its ingenious transformation system, there is no need to shake up all the furniture to unfold it! Adjoining the alcove, the office corner hugs the corner, benefiting from the natural light brought in by the window, and is extended by the library and the children's area delimited by an openwork partition which will be mounted at the entrance to the room. . **