10 models of greenhouse for the garden: get inspired!

10 models of greenhouse for the garden: get inspired!

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Are you looking for a garden greenhouse to place your flowers, plants, shrubs and vegetable patch? Here are several models meeting different criteria: size, aesthetics, functionality. 10 greenhouses, 10 possibilities!


Leroy Merlin We like the rounded aspect of this greenhouse whose reinforced frame is provided with a translucent cover. Romantic !

Mini tunnel

Another version of greenhouse "tunnel" type, with the difference that this one, of much smaller format, covers plantations at only one meter from the ground.


Delamaison In the form of an XXL umbrella, this extra greenhouse, whose PVC cover reminds of a transparent tent, is simply fixed above our most fragile plantations.


La Redoute The advantage of a raised greenhouse? Do not have to bend down to garden and have on hand, as a base, a storage compartment. Ingenious!


Delamaison This 50 cm high greenhouse with two easy-to-handle openings is the best friend of small… outdoor spaces!


Delamaison Covered with a polyethylene cover, this bottle-green greenhouse stands out from the rest by its opacity.


Delamaison It is in the extension of the wall of the house that this greenhouse was established. In the form of a glass and miniature arbor, it protects our small plantations.

Semi open

La Redoute With a removable partition, this greenhouse can be closed as well as semi open. Or how to combine a greenhouse and a terrace corner and ensure good ventilation!

On chassis

Delamaison This mini greenhouse on chassis may be suitable for small gardens, but it is not fragile. Supporting up to 30 cm of snow and a temperature of -45 ° C, it shelters our plantations in winter as in summer!