Hainaut blue stone: natural stone in the kitchen

Hainaut blue stone: natural stone in the kitchen

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Presented in seventeen finishes, the blue stone of Hainaut has become, over the centuries, a reference material which elegantly embellishes our facades as well as our interiors and our gardens. Natural at heart, the material has been tamed by the designers who deliver to us today original pieces of great subtlety. Thanks to its unalterable character and its non-porosity, Hainaut stone is also invited into our kitchens to meet all our decorative desires.

The blue stone of Hainaut, an exceptional material

Freddy cardboard More and more diverted from its initial use, this old material enters our kitchens to dress our walls, our floors, our worktops and our sinks. Insulating, resistant and easy to maintain, its many qualities make it an exceptional material which, for sure, will not leave you indifferent.

A blue flamed worktop and floor

Carrière du Hainaut The blue stone of Hainaut is available in seventeen colors, each more original than the next. Its color which varies from light gray to deep black will adapt to all your atmospheres. To bring brightness and give an impression of size and space to your small kitchen, we will favor light shades.

The combination of wood and mineral stone

Carrière du Hainaut A great classic in our kitchens, the blue stone from Hainaut elegantly blends with all our raw wood elements. Cured, sawn, pitted, dark or light softened ... it gives all our interiors an authentic, warm and very trendy style.

Blue stone to dress my floor

Carrière du Hainaut The blue stone of Hainaut is a natural material which is a perfect substitute for classic tiling. In addition to its timeless aesthetic, you will appreciate its longevity and its great robustness, which makes it an ideal material for our floors.

Natural stone for contemporary decoration

Carrière du Hainaut Did you think it was obsolete? Think again ! The blue stone of Hainaut will find a place of choice in all your kitchens, from the most rustic to the most contemporary. To bring an ultra-modern and design touch to its space, we will favor the glossy polished finish for its worktop and credenza.

The pose in Roman opus enlivens our kitchen

Carrière du Hainaut Want to create an impression of space and volume in your kitchen? We combine large Hainaut stone slabs with smaller slabs and we mix light shades with slightly darker shades.

Resistant material

Xavie'z The blue stone of Hainaut will seduce you with its many qualities. In addition to its very aesthetic side, you will quickly fall under the spell of this interesting material, robust and unalterable at the same time, which will restore your work plan all its letters of nobility.

Old-fashioned worktop and sink

Carrière du Hainaut Do you want to give your room the look of old kitchens? Find all the charm of abbeys and castles of yesteryear by betting on Enostyl paving and Hainaut Antic cobblestones, patinated in the old style.

Between modernity and tradition

Carrière du Hainaut Changing reflections, soft irregularities, softened edges ... the blue stone of Hainaut cultivates the taste for beauty! Fall under the charm of this gray blue which will bring, in all simplicity, a touch of elegance, very current, to your kitchen.