Pots, planters and pottery gain height

Pots, planters and pottery gain height

Planters, flower pots and jars dress the garden. Placed on the steps, the terrace, near the swimming pool or at the bottom of the garden, they embellish your patch of greenery and add style to the decor. This year, here are the pots seeing very large and they offer exceptional measurements. To be placed like sculptures in your garden, they are a way to dramatize and enhance your decor. The proof immediately in pictures….

Giant jars at the entrance of the house

Jardin Chic Dramatize the entrance to your house by having large jars on each side. Disproportionate, they dress your garden like a work of art.

A tall, colorful pot

Jardin Chic Large, this pot allows you to grow a fruit tree, and a flaming red it awakens the gray wood of the terrace.

Several large pots everywhere

Leroy Merlin Multiply the scales but also the pots for a graphic result in your garden. Sprinkle here and there, they give height to your decor.

A pot like a work of contemporary art

Truffaut Exhibit a very large pot in a corner of the garden out of sight so that he can be discovered or, on the contrary, prominently displayed in the center of the latter, he will dramatize the decoration of the garden in the manner of a work of art. contemporary art.

A gigantic pot on the terrace

Truffaut This gigantic fuchsia pink pot is highlighted by the immaculate white facade of the house. Respecting the sober and refined lines of the architecture, it pleasantly awakens the decoration of the terrace.

A very large planter for planting a vegetable patch

Truffaut We are not all lucky enough to own a garden. So in fine weather know that it is possible to grow your vegetable garden in large planters. A way to combine the pleasure of gardening with the pleasure of taste.

Huge planters on the terrace

Truffaut Large and long planters adorn the terrace. Planted with grasses, they are both graphic while adding wild beauty to your space.

Zen attitude

Leroy Merlin Close to a spa, promote a refined atmosphere by placing a mineral gray pot. Place large, bare branches of all greenery inside to accentuate the Zen effect.

A bright XXL pot

La Redoute At night, not all pots are gray! On the contrary, they light up after dark to enhance your outdoor space.