A dream house thought of as an open balcony over Los Angeles

A dream house thought of as an open balcony over Los Angeles

On the hills of Hollywood, there is no shortage of dream houses! And yet the work of interior designer Dominic Gasparoly and architect Khalid Watson of the GWdesign studio stands out particularly for its bold design which makes it a house hanging on the hill with a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. to Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean. Minimalist visit.

A living room like a terrace

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson From the living room, the opening to the outside sets the tone since an entire wall adopts glass to create a living room like a terrace with an infinite horizon. On the decor side, minimalism is the order of the day for an ostentatious luxury.

A step forward in nature

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson Whatever the level of the house, the opening to the outside plays a major role. The architects have for example here bet on a room that fits almost naturally into the landscape thanks to the vegetation that seems to be an integral part of the house.

A kitchen with a view

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson If the kitchen wants to be minimalist and functional, it is nonetheless a space of choice for cooking and admiring the view once again. The central island was thus arranged so as to face the panoramic window.

Bold volumes

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson If the rooms offer exceptional dimensions thanks to their opening, the volumes are not to be outdone with high ceilings and interlocking sets of levels which energize each room, like this graphic staircase and the monumental library.

Soothing rooms

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson In the bedrooms, the architects have once again applied the "less is more" rule which advocates the minimalist. Result: the piece is conducive to resting the gaze by adopting pure lines and beautiful materials. Here too, the star of the play is of course the view!

A bathroom dedicated to relaxation

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson In the bathroom, the minimalism continues to give way to relaxation with a superb freestanding bathtub that installs facing the bay window. A decor worthy of the most beautiful spas.

Spaces dedicated to relaxation and entertainment

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson Every place is used to make the most of the space: a small lounge added facing the windows, a gym facing Los Angeles and even a private cinema to pay tribute to the love for the 7th art of the city.

A spectacular balcony

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson Bedrooms and bathrooms offer a gigantic balcony to embrace the city that stretches at the foot of the house. A space which is both open to the outside but which keeps its interweaving in the house thanks to an ideal covered space when the sun is at its zenith.

A paradise pool

GWdesign / Dana Meilijson The highlight of the show? A monumental terrace which hosts an ultra-designer pool to relax while enjoying the view. Exceptional!