Winter flowering shrubs: flowers to wait until spring!

Winter flowering shrubs: flowers to wait until spring!

Are you one of those people who are itching to flower even when frosts are still to be feared? So here are some choice shrubs that will allow you to satisfy your desire while waiting for the thousand blooms of spring. And contrary to what one might think, winter shrubs are neither the least flowering nor the least fragrant. Honey insects appreciate, and they are not the only ones!

Japanese Skimmia

J-F. Mahé The skimmia is remarkably fragrant, with scents reminiscent of those of the orange tree. Bees are not mistaken! The spectacular flowering at the start of the year is followed in the fall by an explosion of red fruits. Two good reasons to adopt this shrub!

Salix caprea

J-F. Mahé Here is an interesting tree because of its original habit. Mounted on a medium-sized trunk, the salix caprea has drooping branches which are garnished with large yellow kittens for a very decorative effect!


J-F. Mahé It is THE sunshine of winter par excellence, the flowering that amazes with its freshness and intensity. Not to mention the charm of these small flowers in the shape of pompoms! To top it off, bring your nose up and smell…

Viburnum tinus

J-F. Mahé The laurel-tin is almost a must in the enclosed garden of hedges. This evergreen shrub keeps winter at a distance and its procession of greyness thanks to its persistent foliage and its pretty clusters of flowers present from November to April. Then other shrubs will take over!

Pieris japonica

J-F. Mahé You still don't know this funny flowering shrub? Promise to plant it before next winter to take advantage of its remarkable flower clusters ... and its scent! Pollinators are not mistaken. From the first rays of the sun, they are there to woo these beautiful clusters of flowers! Pieris japonica also seduces with its persistent and shiny foliage which helps to fight against winter gloom.

Daphne odorata

J-F. Intoxicating Mahé! This is perhaps the word that best describes the daphne odorata still unjustly overlooked. Plant it as a hedge or in a group of a few subjects to further accentuate the spell.

Japan cherry tree

J-F. Mahé The Japanese cherry tree is one of the most remarkable trees of the beginning of the year. There are many varieties, with single or double flowers, of a more or less pronounced pink and of a more or less early flowering. Here the variety Prunus subhirtella Autumnalis whose flowers appear at the first warmth to bloom until April. They are all the more graceful and better highlighted as they appear on the still bare branches.


J-F. Mahé It is the ultimate romantic flower! The beauty of the camellia cannot be imagined: you have to be able to contemplate it to realize all its splendor. Both massive and light, the flowers bloom between the varnished leaves of a deep green. Gardeners who benefit from an oceanic or temperate climate, adopt it as soon as possible!


J-F. Mahé One of the interests of azalea? Its ability to enjoy both indoors and outdoors, provided it does not exceed 15 °. Outdoors, the azalea likes shady, acidic terrain. Installed in good conditions, it literally covers itself with flowers and then rewards you for your good care!