Teenage bedroom: 10 desk lamps to light their lantern

Teenage bedroom: 10 desk lamps to light their lantern

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More than a quarter before the end of the course. More than a quarter to finish off the year well. It is therefore time to re-boost yourself and rethink your office as well as possible. In terms of lighting, we have identified 10 models of choice that will accompany the studious evenings of teenagers!


Purpose Tapered waist and slender silhouette. This desk lamp has decidedly very design lines. Because there is no age to play the card of aesthetics!


Ferm Living The touch of retro style on the desk is her! An extra lamp with a very sixties look, to recreate a "Mad Men" atmosphere when it comes to getting to work.


AM.PM One lamp is not enough to create the desk side shift. The proof with these architect models diverted into wall lights. A rule of 3 going hand in hand with creative and unusual humor…


Purpose Architect's lamps remain cult pieces, both practical and stylish. For a factory-style, industrial or New York style office, this is the dream accessory!


Castorama A pop green desk lamp: it's more fun! To believe that this very punchy articulated lamp understood everything.


Lightonline Totally symmetrical, this funny lamp has the particularity of accommodating, on its base, a storage space where to place post-it, pens, and even mobile phones! Versatile you say?

Space saving

Purpose Thanks to a straight foot like a pic, this extra lamp occupies a minimum of space on the desk!


La Redoute Soft lighting with this desk lamp combining curves and globular design. Its strong point: to be timeless!


Fly Small format for this ball-shaped accent lamp cut in half that is placed directly on the work surface. Minimalist and tiny as possible or the winning formula of practical and discreet lighting when doing homework.


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