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Frames to display your children's photos at the office

Frames to display your children's photos at the office

To personalize your desk but also have your children with you during long working days, the photo frame is your ally! With its many variations, it can be more or less discreet depending on your profession. And because children will be happy to participate in its choice and personalization, this makes it a perfect idea for Father's Day for example.

A table to put on your desk

Presse Citron With a desk arranged against a wall, you have the leisure to use it as an easel. You can then bet on a board with magnetic photo frames. You will be able to create your own composition of photos and drawings and even add your professional notes for an object that is both fun and practical.

A practical and decorative pinboard

Ferm Living In the same style, the pinboard gives you total freedom to display whatever you want. On the wall or placed on the desk, it is a real classic work tool in an office but on which you can also discreetly pin your favorite photo or a drawing.

A memo board

Ikea In this office, photos will play the card of discretion by settling on the magnetic memo board perfectly integrated with the rest of the office accessories. Easily modifiable, the board allows you to remove excessively personal items during an important meeting.

Classic frames

Ikea To personalize your desk while thinking of your children, play the clever decor card! Simply opt for classic frames in the colors of your desk and integrate them into your storage shelves for a personal note but not too intrusive.

Frames on the wall

Ikea In a creative office, why not choose larger frames that you will install on the wall by incorporating a drawing of your child. Do you share your office? A frame for each person to create an even more decorative and personalized effect.

Photos to pin

Ikea Here is an original version of the pinboard! Install a photo cable on your office wall. You can easily drag drawings and photos and all your professional notes for a practical and very decorative effect. To do with children: why not create it yourself with two hooks on which you will attach the wire they have chosen?

Simple wooden frames to customize

Maisons du monde In all hobby shops, you will find simple wooden frames that will be discreet to install on a desk. And if you want more fantasy, you can choose to customize them with your children: try the pyrography which will allow you to draw on wood in relief or simply opt for markers with the youngest.

Frames to paint

Maisons du monde If you are not afraid of color and originality on your desk, children can have fun painting the frames to personalize them. Note that we can also opt for masking tape so as to apply patterns with ease.

Mosaic-like frames

To reproduce this superb frame, children will be able to play with small tiles that you will find in all DIY stores. Just stick them with the glue gun on a sufficiently thick wooden frame and voila!